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  1. Anyone have any info on this subject. Basically I have Fix housing and G11 which I like very much and considering buying a back up G11 before it becomes obsolete. But a few internet boards etc seem to indicate that the G12 will fit in G11 housings. There is a front control dial which is, new the rest looks the same. Any thoughts and info will be appreciated. Cheers Rich
  2. Dear All, I have inherited from an enthusiast who passed away (not diving), a Nikonos 101 and a 104 strobe. Plus various accessories for Nikonos. I have also inherited a Sea and Sea 50 Watt strobe all in working order with chargers and some accessories. All seems to work. I am digital so no use to me and appears they have little value. They are just sitting in wardrobe in my parent house in the UK. If anyone wants them and will use them drop me an email and if you can collect or pay postage there yours. I can't bare to throw them away due to there history and because there working. Warning: shipping to USA is expensive but UK and Europe are possible. Contact me on either. rchrdrigby@yahoo.co.uk Richard_Rigby@bis.or.id I live in Indonesia but can arrange from here. Cheers Rich
  3. For Sale I have a new camera and can not use these anymore as old camera has also died would like to get some cash to put towards new flash. All in good condition and well looked after happy to ship in UK. Prefer to sell all for £120. Would give you all you need to take decent shots with a compact underwater. Will send pics if you email me. DCL-20 Underwater wide-angle conversion lens X 1 (£90) Available in four versions, 46mm (M46), Magnification: 0.56x Max. depth: 60m Weight: 630g (on land) / 400g (underwater) Dimensions: 100mm diameter, 60mm long. Lens configuration: 5 elements, 4 groups Materials: Optical glass lens, Aluminum alloy body. DML-2 Underwater macro conversion lens (£40) For digital camera housings X 1 Available in four versions, 46mm (M46) Magnification: 2x Max. depth: 60m Weight: 170g (on land) / 100g (underwater) Dimensions: 60mm diameter, 30mm long Lens configuration: 4 elements, 4 groups Materials: Optical glass lens, Aluminium alloy body. Included: front & rear lens caps. UR/Pro Underwater Colour Correction Filters X 1 Type CY (orange) (£10) for Tropical (cyan / blue) water X 1 Type GR (magenta) for UK, Atlantic or Mediteranean (green) water (£10) Please phone 01394 286048. Or email rchrdrigby@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks Richard
  4. Hello, I have inherited a selection of well maintained accessories for a Nikonos Camera. I cannot use as I from the digital generation but they are gathering dust so I am looking for a good home or even dealer who interested in taking them off my hands. Any info collectors/dealers would be appreciated. Anything (if anything) I get for them I will reinvest into my own camera system. Its seems a shame to see them gathering dust and I am sure someone out there could use them or maybe is collecting them. All well maintained and lovingly looked after by there previous owner, untouched and stored safely for two years since by me. What I have are - Nikon SB 104 Speedlight + cable. Orange Hoya Filter Purple " " Sea and Sea 15mm/F3.5 Wide Lens Nikonos 28 - close up lens or magnifyer?? Nikonos 35 - " " " Some sort of framer A variety of rings and adaptors to go with all. I am in the UK - rchrdrigby@yahoo.co.uk - be the best way to contact me. Regards Rich.
  5. Hi Lee, I am interested - in the UK - my email is rchrdrigby@yahoo.co.uk if its still going? Regards Rich
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