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  1. well just tried the aquatica sony a7r2 housing with a 1 inch extension ring for the new autofocus rokinon 14mm emount lenses from bh photo....looks like it all works great ..114 degrees wide..my new shipwreck lenses.great.kozmik
  2. hello from canada...I have a aquatica housing ..sony a7r2..s2 housing and am looking at the new samyang.rokinon af 14mm emount for this system..has anyone tried it out yet thanks..kozmik
  3. Hello again Ian..jim kozmik here from peterborough Ontario. Canada.I just retired from Iatse 667 as a dop 22 years and csc,to live on a horse farm and film some documentaries in warm clear waters..I am in the slow process of selling 2 housings and cameras plus a pile of unused dive gear..I see you are trying to sell a Gates red housing..I checked out your resume and was very impressed..Are you getting out of uw filming or is this a extra Gates housing..I no the Amphibico Rouge red housing and Nauticam systems,new and used out there..most can be purchased for around 10,000 usd friends discounts...So I no what this Gates unit and parts cost in usd....I can only offer 8 to 10,000 usd ..easy shipping from Vancouver to Ontario...I am trying to raise cash from my 2 housing n camera kits ...so thats all a retired camera guy can afford with looking forward at scarlett w..raven..etc in ef canon mount only..tks again...jim kozmik 416 705 4174 cell...kozmikunderwater@gmail.com
  4. sorry....email was wrong..it is kozmikunderwater@gmail.com
  5. hello jim kozmik from canada..just got aquatica a7r2 housing for my a7s2 with 28mm and 16mm adapter..really appreciate any advice for camera settings..housing setup etc tks..jim kozmik kozmikunderwater|@gmail.com
  6. hello from ontario..just got aquatica a7r2 housing for my a7s2..mainly video 4k..I got 28mm and 16mm adapter..stuff on my table.. like a monkey trying to do a math problem..please advise and help ..can you take a few minutes and send a detailed camera. housing and custom button settup..i would like to try 6 inch dome and 15mm sigma and maybe voightlander 12 or 15mm..thanks alot..jim kozmik.....kozmikunderwater@gmail.com
  7. I am a new Aquatica A7S2 housing owner with a 28 and 16mm adapter. Wondering if there are others out there that could help me with some setup questions. Email me at kozmikunderwater@gmail.com. Thanks
  8. hi there is the gh4k kit still available..where are you.....kozmikunderwater@gmail.com..jim
  9. hello..I believe you are on red forum bubble blowers site with me..I am a poor working canadian and have a old shitty aquavideo red one mx housing camera..having a simple external monitor would help...I can offer you 800.00 usd..Jim kozmik 416-705-4174 cell...kozmikunderwater@gmail.com
  10. well I am a 62 year old fart like you..with old red aquavideo housing..my eyes are not good need bigger monitor.I am in Canada thus much poorer..I can offer you only $8oo.oo...Jim Kozmik 416-705-4174 cell
  11. Hay from Canada...we all no what used underwater camera stuff sells for..I will offer you $700.00..want it for my 2 housings..I am in TORONTO...kozmikunderwater@gmail.com ..thanks again
  12. hello love to buy 2 floats..jim kozmik kozmikunderwater@gmail.com
  13. hello jim kozmik here from canada..i have a brand new dome for my sold phenom just found..how bout $150.00 paypal....kozmikunderwater@gmail.com 416-705-4174 cell
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