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  1. Thanks a lot Tim, Normally i am planning to buy a ike housing and a Z-240 but not have much information about them. And there is no good Inon dealer around who can help me. Cheers Cem
  2. Hi jeremy, I want to shoot good pictures need help about easy connection between housing and strobe. and when i upgrade to DSLR i want my strobe to be useful with the new setup. Thanks Cem
  3. Thanks alot Mark. Any help from the experts? Cem
  4. Hi, I made an order for my new G11. I am a newbie living in Turkey. So i dont have much options here for geting information or testing the housings and the strobes. Need your suggestions for my setup. Which Housing with which strobe? Ike housing with DS strobes? Canon Housing with Inon? or other? Do i need a WA lens? or a Macro Addon? Please help. Thanks Cem
  5. Please help me i have limited time to make a decision, order and deliver. Got flight on Saturday. G10 or DX-2G? If G10 Ike or Fisheye housing? And for all setups which strobe? that can be used with my future DSLR set-up. ( Inon z-240 or maybe Sea&Sea ys-110a or what?) Thank you all. Cheers Cem
  6. Thank you for all your help. Now i am sure that i will buy two different ports for macro and wideangle lenses.. Does anyone suggest any other lenses or can anyone say that buy this lens , this one is better? Kirk and wideanglelens: Why your first pick is Nexus? I was thinking on Aquatica or İkelite. And for the strobes Inon's S&S's or İke's? which ones as we compare money/performance?? Thanks alot Cheers Cem
  7. Hi, I am new to dslr cameras. I have a canon ixus camera and canon housing. and trying get some pics without using strobes. I am planning to buy a D90 and need help.. Which housing do i need to prefer? Planning to buy a Tokina 10-17 and 60mm macro lens. When i am buying the camera will it be useful for me to get it in a package inc. 18-100 lens for land use or is it better to buy just the body? What are the things i need to buy to complete my set-up. Is it possible to use the two lenses i mentioned with the same port? Please Help.. Cheers Cem
  8. cemacur

    Nikon D 90

    hi, i am new for dslr cameras. i am planning to buy d90 as well. and my question is : is it possible to use tokina 10-17 and 60mm macro with the same port? sorry if my question is stupid thanks Cem
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