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  1. You'll need not only 10bit monitor, but also professional video card, like nVidia Quadro or AMD FireGL. Software drivers for consumer cards do not support 10bit color.
  2. Thank you! It was doing this not for me - it was hunting something, when it saw me it almost immediately retreated back to Cola bottle
  3. Please help me to identify this octopus. It was 7cm size, with only 2 blue rings. The photo was taken at Dumaguette, Philippines.
  4. I'm using Subal FE4 with 16-35 without diopter lens, and I'm happy with it. In 16-19 range the picture is very sharp in the center, but a little bit soft at corners, same at top-side. In 20-35 range corners are ok. I'm also very happy with autofocus performance thanks to 2.8. Had a chance to compare it this year at Cocos island: my friend with the same camera 5D2, but 17-40 lens had a lot of trouble focusing at 35m on hammerheads with clouded weather at the top. For me it was very simple, no trouble at all.
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