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  1. Get him to look at you more. That angle doesn't show off the boxyness so much (if you know it's boxy you can sort of see the flat top, but the funny color light/dark camoflauge on the side hides it a lot.)
  2. Lighting is weird. If you cut it in half horizontially you could get rid of some of the overexposed body/rock (and have a nice web page or power point border pic.) Composistionally, the eye feels too centerlined for me (or not enough on the verticle.) Maybe more negative space around the front of the fish or less of the body/rock horizontal lines (or maybe tilt them some.)
  3. I recently got an old Datatrans, and an SB105, Inon 180Ds, and Z220 will all cause it to lose connection once every few dives (but then again, so will a whole lot of sunlight on the surface before I get in the water.) Dan
  4. What size ultrasonic cleaner do you have that holds the housing? How much should I expect to pay for one? I've seen the little jewelry ones, but I think I'd need something like http://wttool.com/p/3094-0105 To hold my A20 bits. How many dives, how long did you wait to do the cleaning?
  5. You are only looking at the supply side. The demand side is very different these days as well. There are more "designers" out there doing web pages for every little mom and pop operation that has a newsletter or needs a url for a yellowpages ad than there have ever been for print outlets. Look at the number of websites around, count how many times you have seen one "redesigned". If you google "web page design service", you get 165,000,000 results. If 1% of those folks want some inexpensive underwater photos in their library in case a client or design idea hits them, that's 1,650,000 customers. 10 cents (1 image at a really crappy license rate) from 1.65 million people adds up. I can see how you don't like it, since writing for diving magazines becomes just writing (since the expensive images you need to shoot can be grabbed from any number of 100s of vacation divers that slap them up on stock photo sites by a competitor.) I still don't see any compelling reason for the vaction diver not to step up to the broader stock market (of all the "I'd pay a doller to see that" people) just because it hoses your niche. As for pkg's view of part time jobs paying better, if you have one where I get to review my dive trips and make things to hang on my wall as a side effect, I'm interested.
  6. Some people might say that if your competetiveness in a market was dependent on a high cost of entry for equipment then it's not really based on your skill compared to others, rather prohibitive up front costs. I don't understand this context; do you mean upload to the stock sites and make a little money, or even writing articles won't make much money. Previously you wrote: I'm still wondering why you discourage this. So it's only $300 a year, that's better than nothing (it covers my flood insurance.)
  7. So, is the jist of the story that everybody can afford equipment and processes that used to cost a lot of money and now your skills aren't that outstanding in comparison? I've seen the "dont't give your work away to libraries" here before, but I never seem to see a list of contacts for people who would want articles written. There are lots of web pages, and lots of people getting money to make them, and some buy nifty images; there aren't so many dive magazines. I'm sure you could keep all sorts of people out of the stock libraries if you told them they could sell 4 articles a year for $400 total vs trying to upload a bunch of stuff to a micropayment site and hope for 2000 downloads @ 20 cents for that same year.
  8. Oh well, not the answer I wanted. The bulkead socket looks good, continuity wise. I guess I get to go down to the Japanese dive shop and try to convince them that I want a Sea & Sea N cord (even though I don't have a Sea & Sea strobe.)
  9. A friend lent me his Nikonos SB105 and sync cord, worked well for a while and stopped, after fiddling with it it worked on land, but not in the water. Continuity tester shows that there is some bleed between the 3 pin sockets that go to the camera (the 2 flat connectors are clean.) I've ordered him a replacement, but was wondering if there is any hope for it. (It might be a cable flood, as I disconnected and reconnected the cable to size the housing for pelican boxes and that's when my trouble began.)
  10. If you are going deep and foam comression is expected to be bad, you can do capped PVC pipes (tie wrap or tripod mount.) I'll leave the air displacement of a capped pipe math to other so inclined posters.
  11. August 2004 was the last trip, previous trips were August 2002, July 2003. Haven't got plans to return right now (looking more to Palau and PNG since I'm starting in Okinawa instead of Hawaii, and it adds an leg to the flight.) The trips folks there talked about were Palau and Bikini.
  12. Have dove Kwajalein from the Regan Missle Test site. My in the water info should be good, but the getting there and gov't hassles will be different (flew military space available air, had all the magic clearance and friends with places to stay.) When you hit the doldroms the vis is outstanding (100ft plus). Currents didn't seem to be an issue. The outside of the atoll is very pretty (good wall, lots of coral, occasional sharks and mantas), the wrecks are on the inside (more sand flats, some good coral spots.) I did some shore dives (inside the atoll) and mostly boat dives from the 20ft boston whaler rental boats (4 people, 8 tanks, 2 anchors and go.) There are some neat spots inside the atoll (Troy's coral head has an upwelling that always has big schools of bigeye and lots of sharks.) Lots of nice hard coral, lots of anemonies and clown fish, some lionfish, lots of reef fish. The prince eugen is an outstanding wreck. I had fun.
  13. My 10-22 is fuzzy at the corners at 10mm (it's a little fuzzy unhoused, and it seems a bit worse, but I may just be shooting closer.) If I zoom in a bit (14mm or so) the fuzzy goes away. Some of the color credit goes to the Nikonos SB104 I'm borrowing right now. Dan
  14. I'm using the 10-22mm and the 100mm macro, love the 8inch dome, dome shade is a must have. Pictures after 4/25/2005 at http://lionfish.us are 20d pictures. Next night dive will be with the 50mm F1.8 (it's been a little surgey for the 100mm macro lately.)
  15. I've been happy with my A-20 for the canon 20d. I sacrificed a can cozy to extend the little dial for the front thumb wheel, and started putting the port so the manual focus knob is on the top instead of the side (where it tilts the camera instead of turning the gears) and all is golden now. Aside from one dive where I forgot the compact flash card, it's been quite excellent.
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