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  1. Yes, fisheye pictures need correction for distortion if you have straight edges in them (but that's why you shoot digital, right?) If you just have a big fish and some blue, no problem. I don't know about referbs. It just give me the heebeejeevies. In my mind I find it hard to imagine being able to check electronic components to see how close they are to failure (one capacitor or resistor looks pretty much like another, and once one fails, how many more will go / were attached poorly, got a shortened life span from whatever cause the part that needs refurbusing died, etc.) Dan
  2. Oh, I'd also get the 52mm Canon filter adapter, and a couple of 10x diopters for surface close stuff (another $60 or so.) Dan
  3. I think the Epoque kit at http://www.marinecamera.com/strobe_epoque.html would work with the A80 + the WPDC900. I was looking at the same sort of system. My prices look like A80 300 (Circut City) WPCD900 180 (B & H) Epoque ES 150 DS Full Kit 360 (MCD) And then I'd bust the budget a little with the Inon Fisheye lens for $370 and a $50 AD mount adapter ($1260, but with a really cool fisheye lens.) Dan
  4. Are you looking for no charge hosting service (a place to store stuff) or for sofware with no charge that can make a nice photo album? For the software that makes a nice photo album I like zphoto http://namazu.org/~satoru/zphoto/ For underwater pictures setting a black background to the generation options makes things stand out better. For no charge hosting, a lot of people I know use the microsoft thing http://groups.msn.com/
  5. > It's hard to beat for the current price of ~ $600 for the whole setup. Do any of the wetpixel sponsors have this setup available (and maybe with the INON fisheye lens)?
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