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  1. Nauticam makes a wide angle dome similar to the Fantasea. The cost is not much higher. Look for the Wet Mate Dome Port. https://www.nauticam.com/products/wet-mate-dome-port-67mm-thread Have you considered cutting a gel filter to fit over the camera lens directly? Look at Alex Mustard's Magic Filters. http://www.magic-filters.com/ They may also have a newer one for 67mm threads. I'm not sure.
  2. Just returned from the Philippines. Oh how I wished for a drone when I was in Coron. As usual, my carry-on bag was filled to the brim with gear. After a nice stopover in Hong Kong on the way back, I visited the DJI store at the airport. I almost cried when they let me hold the Mavic.
  3. Moorea is a spectacular island. There is excellent snorkeling not far from the Intercontinental. My group took a tour boat that made its first stop for a visit with the reef sharks. I would personally recommend going with a diving operation or hiring your own boat. The big tour boats won't let the snorkelers wear fins even through the area is not within easy reach of the reef below. They expect their guests to hang onto a rope. The second stop was in a shallower area for feeding the stingrays. This is the Polynesian version of Stingray City. There is also a motu, or small island on the north side of Moorea. There were a surprising amount of hard corals but not as many fish. Sorry I can't help you with the whales. Enjoy your trip.
  4. I enjoyed the video! It is paced nicely and matches the music, although I will always associate the Adagio or Strings from watching Platoon. You could try warming up the WB a bit in editing.
  5. The lemon shark up close is my favorite, a brilliant use of the wide angle. Such a shame for me becuase just last week I was in the land of Cadllacs and dinner at 4PM. The only sharks I saw were the seniors on the way to the early bird special!
  6. The camera and housing are sold. I may decide to keep the lens.
  7. The camera and housing are available for $375 plus shipping.
  8. Before I put this up on eBay, I'd like to offer it on Wetpixel first: Canon S95 camera FIX S95 Housing UWL28M52 fisheye lens\ Original battery & charger 2 aftermarket batteries Price: $650 Shipping $10 in the US (only) or pickup in the Boston area PayPal preferred All are in very good condition with signs of moderate wear. The camera has some scratches on the LCD screen. The fisheye lens has a couple of hairline scratches on the dome element. They are very small, making them difficult to photograph. There is no effect on the photos. The lens shade is missing what looks like a 4mm screw. It stays in place well. I just havn't had time to order a replacement. I recently took the housing down to 30 meters and everythig worked flawlessly. The ergonomics of the FIX are terrific. The original battery lasts for two dives. The Bower branded batteries last roughly one dive. Higher res photos are at http://www.pbase.com/krancer/inbox
  9. The photos look beautiful. If I may be forward, the website interface is difficult (like Windows Charms being inadvertantly activated on the right side by you search & social media tags). There also doesn't seem to be a way to view the photos with enough resolution to get a good look at the details.
  10. That's a great set! The schooling fish are my favorite.
  11. The macro photos are the best. They are very good portraits and they fill the frame well. Do you have any more of the lionfish at the satil wreck? There are four of them huntin in the open. What a sight!
  12. Mark II prices are about to come down. My next trip isn't until October...
  13. Underwater users are a drop in the bucket for Sony. Just a tiny percentage of RX100 buyers. After all, Sony is a company with enough resources to release an OEM housing. In my normal travels I would find the 24-70 better for landscapes, so I can understand this move. I'm just happy that something is being released. RX100 II already costs more than most entry level DSLR cameras. As the Mk III seems to be an evolutionary step, maybe in another year something truly extraodinary will be introduced.
  14. I'm interested in the setup minus the macro port. PM me.
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