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  1. Everything... Camera Nikon D810 excellent condition Two Lenses Sigma DC 18-50mm 1:2.8 EX Macro, Sigma DC 17-70mm 1:2.8-4 Macro HSM ** Does not fit Housing but excellent lens for the camera Housing Ikelite #681281 Excellent condition Strobes Ikelite Ds161M two of them (2) good show some signs of wear, function perfectly Strobe arms total of 40 inches spread three knuckles two arms each side Cables for single or double strobes Ports for various lenses, 8 inch dome a few minor scratches so far no effect to photos, flat port for macro, various extensions to accommodate different lens configurations
  2. FS Complete System for Nikon D-810, Ikelite Housing, Ikelite DS161M Strobes and arms, additional ports. I would like to keep this together as a package, otherwise individual prices are higher. Total Package $4,700 everything including camera body. Individual Prices: Camera body only excellent condition $1,400 Housing only excellent condition $1,300 Ports very good condition $600 Note: small scratch on 8 inch dome. However it has shown no effect on photos. Srtobes (each) excellent condition $1,000 Note: one set of arms per strobe, Includes single cable for one, or double cable if both purchased
  3. What camera is this housing for and is it still available?
  4. For Sale Nikon D810 and Ikelite Housing, DS160M strobes (2), Ports and more. Everything $6500.00 or $4500.00without camera
  5. kokopedal

    Nikon D810

    I have decided to down size and start over. I currently use a Nikon D810 with an Ikelite housing, the older FL port system however it is in Excellent condition. Two DS160M strobes. I would like to keep the camera and sell just the housing and strobes as a package however if you want the camera included I will. Although I really would prefer to keep the camera for my dry photography. The package includes the housing, 8 inch doom port ( a few small scratched on the port, but invisible underwater), flat port for 100MM lens, 2 DS161M strobes plus arms. Total Price : housing, ports, strobes = $4150.00 Add $2150.00 for camera body only. I'm getting old and as much as I love this system in the water it is too much for me to carry into and out of the water as most of my dives are shore dives.
  6. Good info from all of you. Thank you. tamas970 I like your comment and I will research that data. Thank you
  7. OK, Soooooooooooo not a great idea. I guess for now I will stay with using my two DS161M Strobes. However at 500 lumens each they don't satisfy my lighting requirements for video. I think after saving up some more money (I spent it all on the camera and housing) I would still like to try adding the BigBlue to my equipment list. I like the specs 1500 lumens with a burn time of 30 hours or 15,000 lumens for 30 minutes, Positive buoyancy 160degree etc. etc. Still interested in your opinions and feedback, Thank you http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1123014-REG/bigblue_vl15000pm_video_led_dive.html
  8. I'm moving from my D300 to a D810. I have been using two Ikelite DS161M strobes. I would like to get some of your opinions on possibly switching to video lights (BigBlue 15000) capable of producing 1500 lumens up to 15000 lumens. I would like to shoot some video and my thought process was that using really good video lights would provide the necessary lighting to accomplish both. (I might be wrong) Please let me know your thoughts about this.
  9. I purchase a new Nikon D810 to replace my Nikon D300 and Ikelite housing (for sale). It doesn't make sense to purchase an Ikelite for the new camera because the Ikelite doesn't accommodate most of the FX lenses I prefer to use. Don't get me wrong I have been quite satisfied with Ikelite and both of my Ds161m strobes (also for sale) . If you know of any great or good deals on the Nauticam or Sea and Sea housing please contact me.
  10. Does Clive Cussler know that your selling out? I thought that equipment belonged to NUMA.
  11. They are all really wonderful, I love #1
  12. I like this, I think it is perfect. However,and this is really pickey, next time you use this mode try and get her to relax her face alittle. She appears to be holding her breath in her face, slightly puffed cheeks and tight mouth. She is beautiful and it is a great shot.
  13. It's a good idea to buy two. Sometimes if you use a combination of extentions having two strap wrenchs will come in very handy.
  14. Do not deposite the check!!!!!!!!!! I have heard of this, it will give him information of your account. when you send him back the amount owed him your account will be emptied.
  15. You would benefit greately if you start shooting in raw format. The options to correct w/b and other color corrections would help this photo tremendously. A very nice photo especially free diving.
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