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  1. Would The Soggy Dollar or Foxy's work for you if I don't make it to Pusser's? I will have a Painkiller for you and then one for myself. Thanks for the help.
  2. I am new to using a my Nikon D80 under water with a housing. We are leaving soon for the Virgin Islands and will do mostly snorkeling but a little diving. Can someone please give me some basic ISO settings for snorkeling, or shutter speeds that would be a good place to start?
  3. I did find a Seahorse 920 carry on size on ebay at a very good price with the foam in it. They had one left and I paid $67.50. It will hold everything and got very good reviews. Thanks for you thoughts and help. Larry
  4. Hello, I am very much new to underwater photography. Starting with snorkeling. I shot last time with my Canon G5 and it had an underwater setting. I now have a new housing for my Nikon D80 and we are heading by to the Virgin Islands. Any advice on where to begin on setting, manual, automatic, aperture?? I also have been looking for a good case or rolling backpack for the upcoming trip. I have looked at Pelican, Seahorse and Lowepro. What advice good and bad to some of you have? I would love something that could be carry on after reading some of the stories about going through some airports.
  5. Is this the lowpro model that has the removable backpack and if so do you have the interior measurements. Thanks, Larry
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