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  1. Tokyo Diving Festival show 2006 Anthis Housings Nexus D200 prototype Nexus D200 prototype Nexus 5D prototype Nexus 1DsMKII Nexus 1DsMKII Nexus D50 Nexus D50 Nexus FPS3Pro prototype
  2. To Larry: Actually, I had already used TWO strobes..... Thanks for your advise. I will keep working on my even lighting. To Eric: Our trip was postponed one week because typhoon, too. Next time, when you visit Taiwan, we can dive in Lan Yu or Green island. To Scubadru: I was really lucky. The weather was good the water was very clear. Everything was just excellent ! No typhoon ~~~ Nikon D70 + 10.5mm + Sea&Sea Housing + SUBAL SB-800 x2
  3. I was just back form Lan Yu, an small island in Taiwan. Here are my favorite photos. I was using Nikon D70 . Some photos are taken in Lan Yu wreck area at 33m. Please give me some comments.
  4. If Subal can provide fiber connecter for SB800 housing, you can setup the SB800 work in wireless mode to running iTTL x 4.
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