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  1. You may not have much experience shooting underwater by it's clear that you know what you are doing, awesome!!
  2. The second and last shots are amazing!!!
  3. Amazing. At 3:30 looks like the other dolphin comes to say, enough playing with those clumsy creatures, let's go!! Thanks for sharing.
  4. My carry on was weighted in the airport when we where leaving Auckland returning to our home. It was a real pain!!! The airline didn't care about our carry on bags but the control was part of the airport regulations, a real pain, I wasn't with my housing at that moment but had a lot of technical diving equipment with me. The size of my carry on wasn't an issue, I have a small north face base camp duffel, it's compliance anywhere. This happened on September last year.
  5. Just try to use the Gopro housing at 100m and you will be looking for an allu housing.
  6. The FIT 5000 looks like a fantastic light and has a very good price. Fun-IN website has it available. http://www.fun-in.com.tw/oc/index.php?route=product/product&path=95_30_199&product_id=1592 According to the website: - Lumen: 5000 lumen(White, 120degrees) Stepless adjustment This light is very similar to the Fisheye FIX LED 5000 but for half the price: http://www.backscatter.com/HostedStore.LassoApp?-ResponseLassoApp=detail.lasso&ID=9f1d7ae42190b17b0e55541214c76432&s2op=cn&s2=lighting&s6op=cn&s6=video&sop=AND&sf=Price&so=Descending&ftn=youbetcha&
  7. Awesome!!! The cable of the CCR computer is the only thing that distracts me.
  8. Amazing!!! Your instincts are serving you well.
  9. Awesome, the two sea lions kissing and the sun burst with the sea lion are my favorites.
  10. Not only the fin, the equipment is touching the coral. If you have things dangling around and cannot control your buoyancy and trim, it's better not get that close to the coral. Last picture, perfect position, but some things hanging. The pictures are not bad technically, but as a photographer some times you need to forget about a picture and say to your friends, get out of there. If you see that the model is positioning in a bad place or doesn't have the ability to stay still and avoid damaging the environment, point your camera down, no pictures for you!! :-) Later you can explain to them what happened.
  11. This light looks very interesting. Have you tested it underwater?
  12. And maybe with the announcement of the D600 the price will drop even more.
  13. Maybe you need to consider the conversion spring kit from Aquatica. Bring us more deep photos!!!
  14. I think that a vacuum leak detector will be the route to follow for me, after loosing US$2.000 dollars in a second, I'm not putting a new camera in the water without one. Housing Sentry looks like a possibility for me. The DAN insurance for dive equipment is only for USA residents, so is out of my possibilities. Nah, I love the D7000 and I already have the housing. Maybe some of the new D800 users might sell me a used D7000 and the tokina 10-17. :-) Sadly there is not enough time, a friend is going to lend me a dslr for top side shooting, but the housing won't be part of this trip.
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