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  1. I don't know if it's long lasting, but prior to a dive holiday I use simple silicon grease for screws of the handle and after the holiday I use just Balistol spray.
  2. Thanks a lot Marcelo for the very helpful information!! Sascha
  3. Exactly! @Edward: there was never the intention to question, that the WACP is a very good piece of equipment and without Alex' articles I would have never thought about a change....and I think Alex knows, that he ispires me all the time and I have received a lot of helpful hints and tipps from him.... Regards, Sascha
  4. Yes, that's my experience, too... that's why why I'm on the one side curious about WACP and on the other side hesitate, if there is a benefit....And because sharks are so rare...I want to be prepared for scenics, turtles, etc...
  5. Hi Alex, thanks as usual! Now it's complicated: I usually dive at Red Sea offshore reefs like Panorama, Elphinstone,....of course I like there shooting scenics ke coral walls, turtles, napoleons and with some luck sharks.....especially for the later fisheye is sometimes challenging ;-) Regards, Sascha
  6. Hi, I photograph mainly with my Nikon D850 in a Nauticam housing with 16-35 or with the 8-15 fisheye. I have currently a look on the WACP......ok, I know it's additional budget, but what do you think....does it makes sense for an ambitious amateur? Regards, Sascha
  7. I like the proposal of marar0n....I have the same problems... Sascha
  8. Welcome to the club! I just ordered nearly the same setup....I'm excited to hear about your first results....And hopefully my wife never asks about the total costs... Sascha
  9. Thanks Matt! Do you know the difference between 18812 and 18808? Sascha
  10. I am struggling between Zen 230 and Nauticam 230 (18808?) for a Nikon 16-35 an a Sigma 15 FE....what would you recommend? Maybe I change the Sigma FE to the Nauticam FE... Sascha
  11. Thanks a lot Tim! But I didn't find exactly the technique mt-m used...It seems to me perfect, because it's not not small to create pain in the should er region when transporting... Sascha
  12. I like the cord: can you tell a beginner how to weave this? Sascha
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