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  1. will the digi rebel price tag come down since the 20d will be comming out soon? and if so how much? mike
  2. http://hcwhousings.freehomepage.com/ i found this site today and it was basicly what i was looking for. but i dont know how relaible this company is with its coustmerservice or their products so any input on this subject will be great if i get this housing i will be getting the canon 10d. mike
  3. anyone here take pictures of surfing or other fast action water sports. im not really intrested in the guys who sit on the beach with those 20lbs lenses but i want to talk to the guys who get out in the danger zone and get those crazy water shots. i would like to also know of any sites that i can go to to learn more about this type of photography. mike
  4. hello thanks for all the info the aquatech is basicly what im looking for its small and lightweight and designed for the surf but i didnt see any housings for the digital slrs? know of any other places that makes this type of housing for a digital slr? mike
  5. im still undecided about what slr to buy. i planed to shoot lost of surfing and other action water sports and needed something that would be light and compact in and out of the water. who ever makes a housing with what im looking for will greatly influence what cam i will buy.
  6. i went down to comp usa yesterday and taked to one of the cmera guys there he told me he bought a digi rebel because the canon auto focus lenses focus faster than the nikons do. he was a sports photographer for some small statewide highschool sports and life newspapper. is this true? and if so does the benefits from the d70 still make it a better buy? mike
  7. for the guys who use the cool pix 4300 how does it preform. and is ther another cam that would preform better for around 3 hundred. taking pictures mostly of just my friends and random stuff i didnt need anything super great but something that would be worth my money???
  8. sorry i forgot to ask if using this camera is out of the question, then what camera should i look to investing in. did a bunch of research on the digital stuff but i dont have the expences to get me a d70 rite now. but in the mean time what film camera will do a awesome job until i get a real job and start earning some real money? looking at around 600.
  9. i have a super old nikon N2000 slr and was woundering if there was housings out there for it. the only peoblem is that this camera is not autofocus so i run in to a huge problem when i have to focus lol. so any suggestions in getting around this huge problem would be a big help??? mike
  10. what are the f settings and what contitions uses what setting???
  11. hello everyone i plan on getting the nikon d70 sometime in the near feature and wanted to understand housings better. well i live in hawaii and plan on using my camera in the water mainly toshoot surfing and diving. since i dont scuba i only free dive i never go deeper than 25 feet. i wanted a housing that could be able to handle the preassure down there and that would be light and moble enough to shoot out of the water for those awesome surfing shots. is it better to get the surf housing and just pray i never get good enough to dive past 33feet where most surf housings fail or should i opt for the dive housing and just deal with the bulkyness of the stronger housing??????????????????anyinfo on this would be a great help mike
  12. ok ive read all the specks of the d70, the d100, and canons 10d but i dont know how they preform in the field and how it feels. stuff i cant really read about on nikons or canons site. for the guys who use these slr's how do u think these preform in live action conditions. changing the functions, weight and maneuverability, editing at home. im looking for a all around camera i will be using it mostly for shooting my sisters highschool wrestling matches for now and when i save up enough money for the housing i will be taking it in the water to shoot surfing, spearfishing, and just to catch whatever cool wildlife i can find. do i even need this quality of a camera? i understand that i will be able to get nicer shots and more diversity with the more expensive slr's but it is also a lot more confusing to set up those functions??? lol soo many Qs so little time. so basicly what kind of camera should i get?!!!?!?!?>MIKE
  13. how much does the ikelite d70 housing costs i cant seem to find the price. mike
  14. i see that the d70 is compared to the canon rebel but how does it do against the Canon eos 10d.
  15. so is this camera as good as everyone says it is? will nikon or anyother company be comming out with another camera that is better or is there another cam out there that is better for around the same price. what does thic camera not do well? everyone tells me what the camera is good at but i want to know where it is lacking. Mike
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