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  1. Thanks again for all the advise everyone. Some great options to try. In regards to the Coke... I soaked it over night and I do think that it seemed to help a little. It definitely hasn't been a silver bullet and gotten rid of the fog, however it seems to take longer for the fog to appear once the dome is pulled out of the water, so I guess that's a win I will try some of the mag wheel polish over the next little while and see if I can get some more results. Cheers!
  2. Haha, Nice one. It just doesn't seem right to pour a liquid in a sealed compartment, but hey... if it works that's great
  3. Yes, I have spoken with the local supplier (not Aquatic, so cant comment on yours) It seems that it may have something to do with a coating and would more than likely not be able to be fixed without a glass replacement. This dome is many years old and has dived in some harsh environments over it's life so I guess that's just how it goes sometimes, still a bugger though as they're not cheap. Over those years I spent a lot of time in the Micronesia and the fresh water that I used to rinse the dome every dive may have been fairly hard and could have bought on the issue, but I don't really know. As I have been advised that the glass needs replacing I have nothing to loose so it's now soaking in 8 litres of Coke. I will see what it looks like in a few more hours and report back. The dome is still very useable underwater as the fog only appears when it starts to dry.
  4. Well there you go, I would have never thought about using Coke, but will try and report back
  5. Thanks for the input everyone. I originally assumed the issue was on the outside of the glass, but the more I look into the problem the more I think it's something wrong with the reflective coating and may not be so easy to fix. Cheers!
  6. Thanks Bill, I might give that a shot on a small test section.
  7. Hello! Just curious to see if anyone has had this issue with their glass dome. Their seems to be some kind of fog that seems impossible to remove on my dome. Iv'e tried a spot clean with some vinegar, but that didn't seem to do anything at all. It's not really that noticeable when under water, but not great for split shots anymore. The dome has seen a fair amount of use over the years, but I am very particular when it come to rinsing ect. Any info would be great Cheers, Matt
  8. Hey guys and girls. Here is some of my recent work. These have all been shot on a D800 with a Nikon 16-35 behind a 9 inch glass dome. More work here http://www.aquaseen.com/
  9. Beautiful set of images, however the last image is very special.
  10. What a beautiful location, shots are stunning too
  11. Fantastic images, well done. So many fish
  12. Yeah I agree that more negative space on the left would be an improvement.
  13. One of my favourite frames from a recent trip to Manly in Sydney. Cheers, Matt http://aquaseen.com/
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