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  1. Hey guys and girls. Here is some of my recent work. These have all been shot on a D800 with a Nikon 16-35 behind a 9 inch glass dome. More work here http://www.aquaseen.com/
  2. Beautiful set of images, however the last image is very special.
  3. What a beautiful location, shots are stunning too
  4. Fantastic images, well done. So many fish
  5. Yeah I agree that more negative space on the left would be an improvement.
  6. One of my favourite frames from a recent trip to Manly in Sydney. Cheers, Matt http://aquaseen.com/
  7. Hey Christian, I am using a d800 in a Nauticam with the 16-35 behind the 9" glass dome. I find this setup works well, but you still need to stop down to get the best results. Have you tried shooting at say f 11 ?
  8. Thanks for the comments guys. I love how you never really know what you will come back with when shooting in the surf.
  9. Hello, This is one of the first shots to come off my new D800, love shooting with it even tho its nearly double the size of my old rig. Right now I am packing my bags for a 10 day trip to Sydney where I will be focussing on these ocean scapes. Hope you enjoy this one Cheers, Matt Shepherd www.aquaseen.com
  10. I had to look twice when I saw some pants floating past the cage a few weeks back. The story is that a really nice girl on the trip had tied up her pants to get them dry and with some strong winds they came untied and unfortunately fell into the drink The shark that I was shooting went in for a closer look and had a chomp. After a few tast test's the shark spat out the pants and kept on swimming
  11. Thanks guys, Josh I have been using the Nauticam in the surf for a while now and although its not ideal it seems to work and hold up to the beatings pretty sweet.
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