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  1. $950 for the WWL1, shipping included. Heather
  2. Thanks all. I'm flying Delta Honolulu to Dublin and on return, single stop in Atlanta. 2 carryons- no one ever weighs. I've usually carried the Meg on, but will likely check it and carry on the camera and housing and a backpack with clothes, checking the Meg and another bag of stuff, which should keep me within my allowed baggage .
  3. For Sale: Nauticam NA-36128 Flat Port 45 with Focus/ Zoom knob for Sony E mount 30mm macro and 16-50 OSS Power Zoom Lenses NA- 36172 Zoom Gear for Sony 16-50 Power Zoom Lens NA-83201 WWL-1 “Wet Wide Lens” with padded storage bag, neoprene cover, buoyancy ring and bayonet mount NA-83224 Hard Cap for WW-1 Lens Package new: $1860.00 I purchased the package with a Nauticam housing in December 2017. Items have been used twice, no dings, scratches or damage. Everything is in like new condition with original instructions. I’m asking $1500.00 for the entire package including shipping. I am willing to sell items individually.
  4. How do you pack for travel? I have a trip to Ireland coming up in a few months, and I'll be hauling the camera and housing, plus a rebreather and drysuit. I normally carry on the rebreather, but now debating whether to carry the 'breather or the camera and housing (A6500 in Nauticam housing)- it's fairly small. Hard case? All suggestions welcome! TIA- H
  5. Very fair skinned blonde- native Floridian now residing in Hawaii. I absolutely HATE sunscreen- it's hot, sticky, and it stinks (literally- I can't stand the smell of 99% of it). I've tried them ALL. The only thing I can tolerate is Stream2Sea. It's reef and fish safe (actually tested), and the developer has a long history of development of safe cosmetics. Bonus- the developer, Autumn Blum, is not only a diver but an underwater photographer. It's magic- I can generally apply once and sweat/ be in and out of the waterfall day without the need to reapply.
  6. HELP! I'm new to UW photo, and looking for strobes for my Tetra 5050 housing. I shoot primarily wide angle (wrecks). Sea and Sea is out of the question, as a need a depth rating greater than 200'. I like the size of the Inon Z220 vs. the Ikelite 400 (as well as the price!), but I keep getting conflicting answers on compatibility and features that work with the the Tetra housing. Is anyone out there using this setup? Thanks!
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