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  1. Anyone tried the Nikon coolpix AW100 yet?
  2. Thanks a lot Mike for putting up the pics. What is the difference between standard port and flat port?
  3. Anyone tried this housing for the Canon HFS11 yet? Is it actually shipping yet?
  4. Have you used the surge stabilizer wings? Are they any good? Also which lights are you using? I am thinking of ordering a whole package with the WP80 option for a HF S11 that i have yet to purchase too.
  5. What is the largest battery that you can use with this housing?
  6. Have you posted your footage somewhere? It will be good to check it out, I am thinking of going the Aditech way myself, esp after hearing of so many issues with the L&M.
  7. That is what I thought too. So I would give this one a thumbs down. So lets wait and see what Gates reveals.
  8. http://ikelite.com/web_two/can_hfs10.html Ikelite Housing for Canon HF S10 & HF S100 Video Cameras #6095 ..................... $800 MSRP (camera not included) Anyone checked out this new housing from Ikelite? Any comments?
  9. Diving the Simalan Islands, Thailand. Enjoy!
  10. Exhilarating!! Makes me wanna go back there. You got them all. The whale shark, mantas, bull sharks. However it would have been better, for us UW videographers if you had edited in longer sequences of the big animals.
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