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  1. PM Sent. Subal ND300 housing & Nikon D300 camera. Chat soon. Dave.
  2. Hi Tim, Excellent question, I should have stated in the above: Subal Port type 4 18mm Extension Ring Many thanks. Dave.
  3. Hi All, Selling the below only: Subal ND300 Housing 8 inch Subal Dome Port w/ cover Extension Ring Zoom Gear Free Nikon D300 Free Tokina 10-17mm FE Lens All Excellent Condition Upgrading to FF. 2390 Euros all in. Dublin, Ireland.
  4. Hey Doug, Well done man. Such a fantastic image I love it.
  5. Hi Steve, I agree, they are fascinating images. Fantastic over-unders even if the foreground is only a sandy bottom..........beautiful topside lighting, I wish i could achieve the same. Garrett, in Ireland we have a special saying for someone who buys sharks/shark related produce. We say "you fuckin dick-head" or "wanker". Please excuse my language dont want to offend anybody. Dale should no longer get recognition based on his acts of stupidity. Big love to all, Dave.
  6. Hi Guys, Subal do indeed have a new back for the ND30 housing that will accomadate the Nikon D300s, as for the cost of the back alone i havent got a clue. Wet Pixel covered this at the DEMA show a few ago. Big love, Log.
  7. Hi Bob, Thanks for the taking the time to reply. I just received your mail this morning. Thats actually the first thing i tried, along with variuos camera settings. oN THE CIRCUT board both pins on the lrft and right side are in the inner sockets if that makes sense, there both wired up for ttl, when arrived. If anyone else has any suggestion it would be very much appricated. Thanks and big love to all. Log.
  8. Hi All, Just a quick one, thanks all so much for sharing your hints and tips for D300 camera settings. Well i am hot and sweaty in a small cafe down town Sharm. The housing is working fantastic. However when i attach a pair of Sea&Sea YS-110Alpha strobes the camera will not focus and not take any picture at all, on the top display it says er 26 or r26. I dont know if anyone has come across this already, i have done numerous checks but cant figure out whats wrong, its probably something so simple. Anyway if anyone could help it would be sound. If not, that will be my excuse for spending a crazzzzzzzy amount of money on a new system and not getting great shoots haha. Thanks all, Big love. Log.
  9. Hey CJ, Fantastic photos, well done. You should be very proud of those. I will be in the Red Sea next hope to get some pics half as good as yours. Keep it up. Take care. Kind regards, Log.
  10. Hi Tom, I had a quick look on Flickr, love your shoots. Have you had a chance to photograph a salmon shark underwater or is it even possible. Looking forward to your reply. Kind regards, Log.
  11. Hi Dr. Alex, How you, fantastic photos. Please post a few more if you have an opertunity. Take care. Log.
  12. By the way I love your site, bloody fantastic images.
  13. Hi Andy, Here in Ireland Aquatica and Subal are within a few Euros of eachother. I just received a Subal housing for my D300, hence i would reccomend Subal. Be sure you total the cost of any new rig to include extension rings, gears and ports, etc. Best of luck. Kind regards, Log.
  14. Hi Dr Alex, Oh shite, i am very new......sorry. Thanks for the correct explanation. I obvoiusly miss understood when it was explaned to me. Big love, Log.
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