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  1. Threat reopened! =) Its warming up and I'm thinking about finally making the purchase. Its disappointing that you didn't like the cheaper housing. I was thinking I could start with that one and if I ever got into scuba I could get the ikelite and then attach a light as well. I was thinking about the hero but I need the LCD and don't do any surfing or any of that other stuff. Is the Flip Ultra HD still a good option? I can get one pretty cheap now, the camera and housing for well under $200 now
  2. Thanks for the response! Those videos look beyond the quality of what I need!
  3. Has anybody used the Flip UltraHD before? I was recommended the older version on this site a while ago but now I can't find the thread. This is the newer Flip camcorder version and it seems there is still a cheap UW housing available. This looks like a solution that could go to 30 ft for around $200. I'm looking to do some simple video while snorkeling in freshwater. Thx! Flip UltraHD UW Housing
  4. Excellet pics, nice work!
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