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  1. So many great UW photographers mentioned! What a great list and great post idea Alex!! One of my favorite topside photographers that made me want to get involved with photography when I was younger was Tina Moddotti. And also since there haven't been any other latinamericans mentioned, how about Manuel Alvarez Bravo. Topsiders and consummate, I know, but still a big influence on my own photographic journey. David.
  2. Great shots Kathy. I can't wait to go to Suwalesi!! David.
  3. Thanks Luiz and Michael. It's good to know that water around Rio would be cold and with not good visibility... I might just save my diving for Noronha then. I will have one full free week at the end of my stay, so I might also be able to go to Santos. I have looked at some websites and it seems very enticing!! I love those mantas. Michael, IF I do go to Noronha, I will go from August 9 to 14 or so. If you will be there then, we should definitively try to see each other. Also, thanks for the crime warning guys, I am from Mexico city (pretty big and rough city too), so I was not planning on parading around Rio with my camera. But I am planning to take my SLR camera to Noronha and maybe to some weekend trips outside of Rio. Should I not be doing so? Thanks again, David.
  4. Hi all, I just learned that I am going to Brazil for a month and a half for work. Rio nonetheless! I know what a terrible, terrible thing... But since I am very short on time before I go (this Sunday), I would like some input from our members (brazilian and non) on what the best dives in Noronha are? (that's if I actually can get enough $ to go there ) What other good diving places exist near Rio de Janeiro? And of course any other suggestion of nice non-diving places to visit around Rio. I can't go all the way down to Pantanal due to time constraints, but maybe somewhere in the surroundings from Rio? Muito Obrigado, David.
  5. Nice new website Karl!! I remember saying in another post that you should update your equipment section ... , but this is much more than that! It really looks good man! Peace, David.
  6. I agree! I have used Scott Kelby's book and it's a good resource. Some of the example techniques are really good. David.
  7. Wow! Nice pics. Sounds like it was a great event. Thanks for sharing, David.
  8. Good to know that you had good results with CS2 Alex. I've had it for a couple of weeks and think the ACR in this version is fantastic! B) I am also glad to hear that WB encryption is not being such a problem for your UW shots. What are you planning on doing about your custom WB calibrated shots from now on? Switching techniques to just calibrate on ACR, just use the JPGs, or something else maybe? I am interested since I know how fond you are about available light/filtered uw photography. Cheers, David.
  9. I like it Rand! It gives an interesting effect. As Alex said, the punchy colors is what does it for me, but also the water streaks of blue and black. I think you should keep trying it and show us some more examples of what can be done with it. I will try it on my next trip (a month or so from now), and see what I can come up with. David.
  10. Wow! Some really cool images Mike. I really liked some of the topside stuff (the hippo and the sand dunes especially are fantastic shots!) Nice work, David.
  11. Nice pic! ...and very funny captions You really made me laugh! David.
  12. Great pics and website Merlinos! I love the punchy colors and the nice soft lighting across your whole portfolio. Thanks for sharing, David.
  13. The album looks great Herb!! I love CRW_7463. The contrast of the green, black and red makes it a very attractive pic. David.
  14. Nice pics Mark! They brought back memories of my trip to the bay islands. David.
  15. Nice pics!! I really like the wide angles... David.
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