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  1. Both are around the same price, and both have inexpensive housings. Both have 720p video, 10+ Megapixel sensors, etc. etc. They're largely the comparable as far as specs. The main things that seem to differentiate the Sony WX-1/B is the ability to do a 10 fps "burst shot" and "bracket shooting" in which the camera takes 3 rapid shots using 3 different exposure settings. Generally I hear more good things about the Canon sensor as far as low-light performance. Whichever camera will produce less grainy pictures in low light is what I'd like to go with. [NOTE: I do not intend to use an external strobe and I am freediving in Southern California, mostly in the kelp. I will most likely only use the camera during decent viz in 0-30ft.] Any suggestions are much appreciated! Cheers, Dave
  2. Thank you everyone for your advice. I decided to go with the "Go Pro HERO Wide". After seeing recent footage and reading the specifications, it appears to be well worth the money, and I won't be afraid of damaging it due to a low replacement cost. I ordered the "Helmet" version since it comes with several potentially useful straps/mounts for different uses. I also ordered a chest mount for it, which is a particularly cool idea, since I imagine filming from the chest in wide angle will capture everything I want spearfishing, and the chest is likely to be more stable than the wrist, the head or the speargun. It should come in 3 business days - As soon as I get in the water with it I'll post a video for you all to see. Thanks again, - Dave
  3. Thank you everyone for the suggestions this far. I'll have to take some time and read up on these models. To Clarify: I go to 50' to hunt once in a while, and Freedive to 100' (33m) for practice sometimes, so I'd better use an actual housing. - Dave
  4. Dave here, new to the forum. I freedive/spearfish in California and am looking for the perfect compact camera to bring along. With this comes a few limitations: 1. Size/Weight: Can't be bulky or heavy, as I'll need to be able to connect it to my upper arm while NOT in use. 2. Must have decent built-in Flash: There is no way I'll use a strobe/arm - First, it'll get in the way and second, most of my diving involves hiking down steep hills and crawling over rocks to get in the water, so I don't want to risk damaging it. Now, here are the things I hope to find in my camera: 1. Price: < $1000 US 2. Sturdy Build: I have to accept that this camera IS going to get banged around more than it would if I were diving from a boat and not spearfishing 3. VIDEO CAPABILITIES: Yes, every camera these days can do video, but does anyone have input on the best compact cameras for this? I realize that if I want perfect video, I've got to go with a video camera, but I'm just looking for something youtube/vimeo-worthy. On a sidenote, I usually dive in 10-15 foot visibility and will not be doing many "macro" shots. I will mainly be hanging in the kelp, photographing gamefish. Thank you everyone, I really appreciate any input! - Dave
  5. Wow, nice camera (this is my pointless mandatory post as a new user before I can create a thread).
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