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  1. Definitely make sure to soak that housing instead of just the shower. My two cents ; ) ~Abi
  2. Love the photos so far! I always love this end of year sharing. Here are my two: One of my favorites from this year for Sea Star UW Portraits. Another of my favs from Bonaire. And honestly, I do like shooting critters too! If anyone is on Instagram, you can follow Wetpixel @Wetpixelgram If you want to share these photos there, just hashtag them #Wetpixelgram2013 ~Abi
  3. I love the gear shot!! Looks like you guys are having a fantastic and super productive time! Can't wait to see more shots. ~abi
  4. Those images are fantastic. I am in love with the Planthopper!
  5. Nice! Love those sharks, and the music was great too. ~abi
  6. That is an interesting idea . . . However, I should just make the point that we have a vibrant community of professional uw photographers here that are happy to critique images if you post them on the forums. ~abi
  7. Great series Thomas! Alex, I love the angle of the second shot, Grrrrrrrrr. ~abi
  8. Ha ha ha. Sounds like so much fun and I wish I was there! Can't wait to see the photos. Have fun!! ~abi
  9. Great shots! I love number 1. The colors are fantastic and you get a sense of the environment without it being too distracting. Nice work! ~abi
  10. Stunning Alex! Do you have a photo of the LSD prime itself? ~abi
  11. Rene, Great shots! I really like # 3 because of the reflections - but that is my personal preference, utilizing the unique aspects of shooting underwater to enhance the images. Nat looks very comfortable underwater! Sometimes the hardest part is finding a good model ~abi
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