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  1. Definitely make sure to soak that housing instead of just the shower. My two cents ; ) ~Abi
  2. Love the photos so far! I always love this end of year sharing. Here are my two: One of my favorites from this year for Sea Star UW Portraits. Another of my favs from Bonaire. And honestly, I do like shooting critters too! If anyone is on Instagram, you can follow Wetpixel @Wetpixelgram If you want to share these photos there, just hashtag them #Wetpixelgram2013 ~Abi
  3. I love the gear shot!! Looks like you guys are having a fantastic and super productive time! Can't wait to see more shots. ~abi
  4. Those images are fantastic. I am in love with the Planthopper!
  5. Nice! Love those sharks, and the music was great too. ~abi
  6. That is an interesting idea . . . However, I should just make the point that we have a vibrant community of professional uw photographers here that are happy to critique images if you post them on the forums. ~abi
  7. Great series Thomas! Alex, I love the angle of the second shot, Grrrrrrrrr. ~abi
  8. Ha ha ha. Sounds like so much fun and I wish I was there! Can't wait to see the photos. Have fun!! ~abi
  9. Great shots! I love number 1. The colors are fantastic and you get a sense of the environment without it being too distracting. Nice work! ~abi
  10. Stunning Alex! Do you have a photo of the LSD prime itself? ~abi
  11. Rene, Great shots! I really like # 3 because of the reflections - but that is my personal preference, utilizing the unique aspects of shooting underwater to enhance the images. Nat looks very comfortable underwater! Sometimes the hardest part is finding a good model ~abi
  12. Hi Alexis, To answer your questions about pools, your best bet would be to find a filthy rich friend with a clear pool that was heated year round, and since you're based in the midwest, indoors too! In all seriousness, ideally you have a private pool at someone's house that will let you get in and practice. There are so many variabilities in photography, even more so in underwater photography in a pool including time of day, angle of the sun, shade trees, trees dropping foliage, clarity of the water, etc. it would be nice to have access whenever you wanted. Public pools are very tricky, especially when kids use them. Talk to the aquatics director and see if there are times you can use the pool. And no, they usually won't turn off a filtration system ; ) Do you have a dive shop in your area with a pool attached? That would be a great resource to try. Abi
  13. Really nice shots. I too like the dragon split shot! Abi
  14. We did that for our Save the Date cards, but I had a friend use my rig and we just used ambient light. That may be a good place to start as you would have many more photos for the couple to choose from that would be successful. Here's a link with some sample photos: http://www.praisewedding.com/archives/1143 ~Abi
  15. Ooh, looks very nice. And I love the black and white. Can't wait to see some light ripples on skin! ~abi
  16. That is a great idea! I think it will make an amazing video. Especially that it will all be underwater content! ~abi
  17. These are absolutely stunning Jeff. Very beautiful and wonderful use of reflections. ~abi
  18. Awesome video! Awesome stills. Looks like an amazing trip
  19. Nice shots Alex! Although I already had a preview Manatees rock! It's so nice to have photographic subjects that actually seek you out AND that you have to push back from to get a decent shot. Love. ~Abi
  20. Hi, We just went with Bird's Underwater on sunday and they were fine. No experience with the other operators though. I think you should definitely go with a boat. Have fun! Manatees are especially lovable!!! ~Abi
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