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  1. Hello

    Are your Ikelite FL Port Extensions 5510.28 & 5510.54 still available for sale ?

  2. hello 

     your zen dome still available?

    1. Pelagius


      Sorry, now sold

  3. Hi Pavel, I've just fitted my UW Technics board to my nauticam housing for a Nikon D800e, changed my Flash sync speed to 1/250 auto fp and assigned HSS to U1 on my Rerta Pro stobes. As yet I have been unable to fire my strobes at any shutter speed above 1/250, although the indicator light on the rear of the strobe dims briefly. Where am I going wrong please.

    Problem solved, I'd forgotten to set the dial switch.

    Many thanks, Dave

  4. This port has got to go, bought in error, so offers considered. I've enlarged and emphasised the blemish on the glass, but in reality it's hardly noticeable, and shooting with a fisheye lens I'd be surprised if it was noticeable. This port is for the Nikon10.5, but can be used for tokina with a 20mm extension ring, or Canon/ Nikon 8-15 with a 30mm extension.
  5. Hi, Sorry about the delay in replying, if I haven't missed my chance then I'd still like the viewfinder. Could you pm me with payment details please, but if I've missed then no worries, Cheers, Dave
  6. Hi John, it is for a Dslr setup. Thanks Dave
  7. Any reasonable offer considered
  8. Noodilab Moby macro diopter (x3.8) Boxed in excellent condition, hardly used, just a few specs of dust and some minor signs of use, more photos on request, Neoprene bag has a few loose stiches. Only selling to fund other equipment. Happy to post internationally, once I've obtained a quote for shipping. Looking for £300
  9. Still available, reasonable offers considered?
  10. Hi, yes it is still available
  11. Hi, yes, still for sale.
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