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  1. Bump, reasonable offers considered
  2. Still available, thanks
  3. Looking for £400 + shipping, thanks
  4. Hi Jacob, I’ll take this off your hands, are you still based Falmouth way?
  5. Reasonable offers considered + shipping
  6. Price reduced to £200 plus shipping.
  7. Hi, I'm selling my well used 180˚ Nauticam straight viewfinder, this is for the full frame DSLR, as I've now changed to a 45˚ version. Fully working diopter adjustment, with minor paint loss and fading. I've photographed it from multiple angles so that you can judge for yourself. Please be aware that there is water staining on the viewing lens, but I find this does not affect its use or viewing experience at all. Included is the neoprene pouch, O ring and lens covers as shown. Shipping is from the UK, and is not included. Price is £650. Thanks for looking IMG_0959.HEIC IMG_0960.HEIC IMG_0961.HEIC IMG_0962.HEIC IMG_0964.HEIC
  8. Admin edit: All classifieds transactions to be conducted in the classifieds forum

  9. Hello

    Are your Ikelite FL Port Extensions 5510.28 & 5510.54 still available for sale ?

  10. hello 

     your zen dome still available?

    1. Pelagius


      Sorry, now sold

  11. Hi Pavel, I've just fitted my UW Technics board to my nauticam housing for a Nikon D800e, changed my Flash sync speed to 1/250 auto fp and assigned HSS to U1 on my Rerta Pro stobes. As yet I have been unable to fire my strobes at any shutter speed above 1/250, although the indicator light on the rear of the strobe dims briefly. Where am I going wrong please.

    Problem solved, I'd forgotten to set the dial switch.

    Many thanks, Dave

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