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  1. FS, Selling my SubSee +5 diopter, boxed with 2 end caps, always rinsed with fresh water after each use. It shows a little bit of paint wear from normal use, always looked after. Only selling as I have another diopter. Retailing at £180, looking for £100 + shipping please.
  2. FS, Boxed with Two end caps and pouch is this superb Noodilab ultra macro diopter, giving up to 3.8x magnification. Used infrequently, it's a bit to much of a lens for me, always washed in fresh water when ever used, hopefully someone can give it a good home. Cost new £480, looking for £300 + shipping
  3. FS I've a Nauticam adaptor for Ikelite ports that I no longer use, letting you use your existing Ilelite ports with a Nauticam housing. New £222, looking for £120 + shipping, only used on one trip, and has been well looked after and rinsed in freshwater after use.
  4. For Sale, I've an Ikelite FL port extension 5510.28 for lenses up to 5.1" (£189 new) and an Ikelite Modular extension 5510.54, 1.25" (£120 new) that I've had since new, only been in the water once before I changed system. They've been stored in dark, dry conditions since then, and it's about time I had a clear out. So I'm looking for £100 for the 5510.28 and £70 for the 5510.54, or £150 for the pair plus shipping.
  5. Hi Matt, I'm currently speaking to a potential buyer, but thanks for your interest. Regards Dave
  6. Hi Matt, Yes, shipping to the US is not a problem, I'd have to get a quote if you're interested.
  7. This port is for the Nikon10.5, but can be used for tokina with a 20mm extension ring, or Canon/ Nikon 8-15 with a 30mm extension.
  8. Hi, The shade is not removable as far as I can tell, so the only two options are for the Nikon 10.5, or the Tokina 10-17mm. However the serial number is 1310940. I have contacted Zen, and their distributor in the UK to see if they can clarify for me. I will update this listing when I can confirm this information.
  9. Hi, I bought your Zen DP-100 dome back in 2018, I was just wondering, can you remember which lens it is configured for please, as I've a buyer who may be interested. Many thanks David
  10. Selling my Zen DP-100 mini dome, nauticam fitting. Please note, there is a small blemish on the glass as shown in the photos. I bought this dome port with the intention of buying a fisheye lens at a later date, but never got around to it. The original owner stated that the blemish did not affect image quality. I have done my best to show the mark, however I'm also including a few grains of dust free of charge to show scale. It also come with a Nauticam rear port cap, and an adapted hard plastic front dome cover to protect it. £450 + shipping from the UK The Zen Underwater minidome is a high-quality optical glass dome port which has been designed with close-focus-wide-angle photographic techniques in mind. It is very compact and lightweight (weighing only 340g), indeed the perfect travel companion. The Zen minidome allows the photographer to get in close where a large dome just won't go for stunning close focus wide angle images. Due to its small size, it is only compatible with fisheye lenses. More information can be found at http://www.zenunderwater.com.
  11. Hi, is this still available, for posting to the UK please
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