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  1. Hi Scubysnaps, I use (pro) SmugMug now for 3 years and just renewed my account there. I am extremely satisfied with them. The pro-version can be customized to your wishes and their (online) support is very accurate and fast. It will cost you a few dollars but in my opinion it is worth every cent. The pro-version gives you unlimited space and you can always download the original photo although it appears smaller and with a watermark on the site. Have a look!
  2. I don't know if you still need the information... Just came back from KL. I saw several shops selling the brands you want. I think the best place to start is Low Yat Plaza. In the KL yellow pages are some interesting addresses as well.
  3. This is a great movie and a super initiative from Critters@Lembeh. We started to use the video as a mandatory video to watch for all divers. Unfortunately this does not only apply for Muck Diving. Some photographers (in my experience these are more "professional wannabees") ignore the underwater environment completely, replace nudi's or alter the "scene" by breaking away corals that disturb their "composition" to get a shot... not to mention the touching of marine life to compensate their not available buoyancy... Strangely enough some nationalities are worse than others... I will not go into details on that, we all know which ones. I think it also is very helpful when diving centers instruct their guides to brief the divers and report to management when things like mentioned repeatedly occur. In the worst cases these divers should be forbidden to dive and report to colleague diving centers in the area. In the end I believe it is mostly the responsibility of the dive operators to guard the marine environment since they offer the opportunity to dive.
  4. I will be in KL next week and I will have a look around for you...
  5. Australia is nice this time of the year...
  6. Unfortunately I have to say that the statement" Is a photographer only as good as the equipment he uses" is the common attitude you read is different forums. As you might know I only use a P&S camera and posted a photo once in a forum (forgot (suppressed? )which forum) and the first reactions were quite positive until my answer to the question what camera I used. From that point on the photo was rubbish... . When I posted another photo and told them I took it with a "state of the art $10,000 rig" that photo was suddenly the best photo they ever saw . I am very happy that the WetPixel members leave everything at its value!! I am happy to be on board!
  7. Shouldn't you say: "not Aple friendly"? The tour is too cool anyway to watch it in stamp-size...
  8. I would definitely go for the Canon G12 (or G11) with the Ikelite housing...
  9. I would also go for the Canon. RAW shooting gives you more possibilities to edit but it is not (always) necessary when you shoot with good light. At the moment I get quite nice effect using a LED torch and partially light the subject and shoot without flash. Camera: Canon Ixus 85; LED torch; no flash.
  10. Celebes Divers Manado offers a great Buddy Special with 25% off of the complete package for your buddy! Of course, as good buddies always do you could share the discount! Have a look on the Celebes Divers Website under "bookings" and "Special Offers"!
  11. Hippocampus Pondohi, Bunaken Island A hippocampus spec. endemic for North Sulawesi.
  12. Maybe you could try getting an e-mail address here: Gallery Sur
  13. On our website we have a real milestone in UW photography. As far as we know we are the first to publish a virtual tour not only on land but also UNDERWATER! Check it out here: Celebes Divers Looking forward to your comments!!
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