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  1. Thanks for your responses, confirms what I thought, I will have to purchase a new port.
  2. Is there any possible way to remove scratches from a glass port? Unfortunately mine has rather large scratches after many years of use.
  3. I have tried the SubSee +10 flip diopter on my canon 500 d in Sea & Sea housing and I find the 60mm lens won't auto focus, just keeps hunting. Am I doing something wrong.
  4. Leslie thank you so much, it all makes sense now. Another 'rare in time and space' moment. The Gold Coast Seaway, Queensland, Australia is an amazing place for critters, so far I have found over 115 species of sea slugs, all in a silty muck dive that no-one else would love, many shrimp species, all sorts of shells, over 450 fish species and many more amazing critters. Unfortunately all may be lost soon with plans to build a cruise ship terminal and the dredging of the Seaway which will destroy all this life and my divesite.
  5. I am uploading a Gopro video of the crab at the moment so will post it when loaded.
  6. Thanks Leslie, I have sent an email to Gary and will let you know when he responds.
  7. Thanks Leslie, I will follow up and let you know. Ummmmm real spider, that puts a different spin on things.
  8. Can someone help me with an Id on this sea spider. It was the size of my hand, in shallow water approx 3m. Looks like something out of a nightmare. Found in the Gold Coast Seaway, Australia on a night dive.
  9. I initially thought it was a juv crab of some sort due to the hairy appearance. I took 3 photos and it didn't appear to move. Found at the Gold Coast Seaway SW Wall, Australia which is a very silty shallow muck dive. There were a lot of Bullina lineata, Bullina nobilis, Bulla angasi about and they normally bury quickly when the light hits them (night dive), this one was not on a sandy patch and was amongst the algae and other muck on a rock.
  10. http://debastonunderwaterimages.smugmug.com/Nudibranch/The-Latest-Nudibranch-finds/23344306_3bPJmj#!i=2176569213&k=tD5JC8V&lb=1&s=A This is another photo
  11. This one has me stumped, not sure if it is a Haminoea of some sort.
  12. Yes I have dived Kosrae around 3 years ago but with Kosrae nautilus resort. Not a lot of fish life but large beautiful corals and clear water. All sites around the island have moorings to protect the corals and most of our dives were gentle drifts in around 15-20m. Some info on sites here http://kosraenautilus.com/divesites.html Accommodation on the island is not 5 star in any way and transport is limited, we hired a car for a few days to explore from the local wrecker, which says it all about the state of the car. This said, we had an amazing time and really enjoyed exploring the island and his history. The island was occupied by the Japanese and also visited by pirates so a very mixed history. We also dived on wrecks in the harbour (plane, freighter and old pirate boat) but the operators don't like to take you there as the viz is low and pollution levels high.
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