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  1. Your comment about the 15mmFE autofocus is interesting. Do you shoot it at all in manual focus to avoid this issue in low light? I have had this issue with my 17-35 in low light as well, and it is frustrating if you are set up for autofocus and conditions are too dark. Scott
  2. I own the 17-35 2.8. Is it worth trading for the 16-35 for slightly better WA? I I am contemplating the Canon 14mm, but not sure it is worth the price difference over the 15mmFE. Can anyone provide comparison? A little concerned about the stability of using the 100mm macro versus a smaller focal length. All comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you, Scott
  3. I have recently made the switch from film to digital. Given the 1.6X effect, can anyone shed some light on their experience with various Canon lenses with this body for both wide angle and macro and levels of quality achieved? Thanks, Scott
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