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  1. Thank you very much! Let me know what you find (or don't find). I appreciate you help
  2. Thanks Ben..I sent you info via WetPixel messages/email. ...bb
  3. Thank you very much! This covers all the smaller o-rings. However, I did not see (or just missed) the very long o-ring seal for the front and back of the enclosure (uses a pair of them to seal back cover). Any suggestions? Thanks again...
  4. Olympus discontinued parts for the PT-015 housing for the 5050. Anyone know where some are available, or know of a compatible replacement part? I have one set of good (but very old) seals, and heading underwater next month...looking for at least one new set.
  5. Very nice link - I have used it for land based info, but never thought to go there for help with underwater shooting.
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