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  1. Thanks for your reply. Just to make it clear. This problem also exists when both strobes are connected to the housing. The strobe that is connected to the left bulkhead, will always fire at full power. I even switched the two strobes to make sure that is was not a strobe problem.
  2. Hi! Just got a second hand L&M Titan D200 housing. The housing have two separate sync cable bulkheads. However, when any of my two strobes are connected to the left bulkhead connection, the strobe output adjustment (using the L&M Roc system) is ignored and the strobe fires at full power every time. Using the other (right) connection, the Roc strobe output adjustments work just fine. I have setup the Titan D200 with the correct strobe profiles on each side. Still the same problem. Anyone with the same experience? Thanks! /Pål O.
  3. Thanks Steve. I guess my question should be, do I need this converter to have TTL with Nikon? Or does the strobe itself obey TTL instructions from my Nikon camera? I just dont quite get what this converter is for. Thanks again.
  4. I am looking into buying a set of Sea&Sea YS-250 Pros, and am wondering what to make out of the TTL capabilities of this strobe. The ad says: "YS 250 Pro TTL Strobes", and the Sea&Sea homepage says "Exposure control: TTL, Manual(Light-level control)". But then again, I find all these references online to a "TTL converter for the synchronization between the YS-250 Pro and Nikon". So anyone who knows about this? 1. Are there two different models of Sea&Sea YS-250 Pro strobes? One with TTL support, and one without? 2. Is there any "build-in" TTL support at all? If so, why do I need a converter? Is it for a different TTL protocol of sorts? Thanks! Refs: 1) http://www.seaandsea.jp/products/strobe/ys250pro/index.html 2) http://www.digideep.com/english/info/html/...ter-for-ys-250/ /Pål O.
  5. Hi DB! I'm a new user on this forum, but I think that this image could benefit from a bit of higher contrast. It might be how the waters were at the time, but is looks a bit "foggy". Yes, I think you should crop the fish out of the image since they throw the balance of the composition out of wack (imho.)
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