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  1. Ha, now there's an idea! I did manage to take one off without ripping it. I measured 28mm in diameter with a strength (thickness) of 5 mm. The ones you linked on amazon seem a little bit smaller, with a diameter of 24mm and a strength of 3,5mm. But based on my measurements, I'll see what I can find online. Thanks, you have been very helpful!
  2. Hey guys, Proud owner of a S&S DX-2G with YS-01 strobe, which have both served me well for years. After all this time, I've noticed though, that the O-Rings on the arms (S&S arm 7) are starting to get very brittle. Just to be clear: I am talking about the thick O-Rings that help stabilize the joints of the arm in a certain position. Now I'd like to replace those sooner rather than later, and preferably before I get to Bali in August. Does anyone have any idea, where I might be able to purchase a set of those 4 O-Rings? I've gone through plenty of sites and online retailers, but they all only seem to offer replacement O-Rings for the strobe itself, not for the arm though... Any tips or advice welcome! Cheers for the help
  3. Hello, I am looking to sell my current u/w setup, which I have purchased about 2 years ago. The items were only used in about 40-50 dives maximum, mostly fresh lake water and some dives in Egypt. Everything is still in very good condition and fully functional. The reason for the sale is that I want to upgrade to a bigger model. Picture of my set: http://www.tauchprofi24.de/WebRoot/Store15...X1200HD_Set.jpg Sample pictures here: http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-...2_4828515_n.jpg http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-...4_4733757_n.jpg The set includes: - Sea&Sea DX 1200HD camera with underwater housing - Sea&Sea YS-27 strobe with arm set Obviously, I'll also include everything else that came with the package, like cables, battery charger, O-rings, etc .. and I'll even throw in my 8GB SDHC memory card for the camera. That means that the set is ready to go. I am only selling as a set, no individual items. Current street price is still 900 € ($ 1300) and I was hoping to get about 500 € ($ 700) out of it, but I am willing to negotiate. If you are interested or have any further questions, feel free to contact me. Greetz, Sam
  4. After reading up on external strobes, I have one more question concerning the YS-27 DX. This is a part of its description: As I have never taken any pictures with external strobes before, the whole thing is a bit hard for me to imagine. Does that part of the description mean, that I have to configure the light intensity for each picture seperately ? Like ... if I'm going to take a picture in macro mode, I'd have to set it to 1 or 2, the next pictured would be a moving object at 3 meters distance where I'd have to set it to 8 or 9, and so on ..? I'm asking this, because although I do take my time to thoroughly configure my device for good pictures, I'd still want to be able to just shoot a picture quickly, if I had to, without playing around with the light settings for every single picture. Will there be huge differences, or possibly even strong overexposure if a picture is taken with a wrongly configured strobe ? I'd be glad for any hints !
  5. Thanks for your reply, Dan. I know it is a problem with some digital cameras, especially the cheaper ones, but I have used a variety of other compact cameras (mostly Olympus and Canon), and none of these actually had such problems. That's why I didn't really expect any issues with this Sea&Sea model, especially not of this severity (cf. the picture posted above). Of course, I also took some pictures with modified diffuser positions, but that only had effects on the saturation of the illuminated part of the pictures. The flash angle is restricted by the housing itself imo. The huge disadvantage of the YS-27 flash system is the size of the whole device, which will increase considerably. Impossible to just take the camera along to take some snapshots :-(
  6. Hey guys, I recently bought the new Sea&Sea DX1200 HD camera, noticed some issues with the incorporated flash and wanted to ask if anyone else has the same problem. As the flash of the cam is quite small and located on the far left side of the device, pictures taken over water are only illuminated on the left side while the right side remains dark. This effect is enhanced when the cam's used under water, as the housing blocks the flash even more. Here's an example picture : http://bayimg.com/cAakhaaCn I wanted to ask if anyone has the same camera, and how you reacted to this problem. Would a YS-27 DX flash system solve the problem ? Any tips, hints and thoughts are welcome. Thanks for reading, Sam
  7. I bought the new Sea&Sea DX1200 HD a couple of months ago. The usual specs like image quality, shutter lag, handling under water and so on are great, however the flash of the camera is way too weak and only illuminates the left part of the picture while the right side remains dark. Here's an example picture : http://bayimg.com/cAakhaaCn That's why I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who just wants to take a quick picture. The camera's only useful in combination with a bigger flash system.
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