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  1. Roger, Your fame continues! You made the headlines on RoadRunner this morning here in Charlotte, NC.
  2. Anxiously awaiting some sample video and a report on the Canon and the L&M Housing.
  3. David, Thanks for all the info. It all looks pretty good to me. Hate the process you described though for manual white balance. Funny that L&M publishes "one-touch" manual white balance with that housing. I'll most likely get this same setup though as it does look extremely good for remote travel and the image quality is impressive for such a small unit. I am however, going to wait until some folks have had the chance to dive (and review with sample footage) the same setup with the Canon HF S10. Have always been a big fan of Sony, but some of the specs on the Canon are hard to ignore. Thanks again for posting your findings and even more for publishing some footage that shows what the rig really can do. Congrats on a fine setup that should bring you years of enjoyment and great results. Craig
  4. David, Good sample of video from the XR520. Thanks for posting it. You mentioned the complexity of manual white balance with the L&M housing. Could you please share the steps involved? Presently, I am shooting with a Sony PD-170 in a Sea and Sea housing which (when set for one touch white balance) is merely the press of a button while pointing the camera at a white surface. Very interested in the process with this setup. I too am looking at a light travel rig for easy carry on. Travel to remote locations is getting more and more difficult and your new setup looks like it might just be the answer. Also, what depth were you shooting at in the various shots shown in your test footage? The reef shots? Even for a Youtube video, the results without lights look very good indeed. Craig
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