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  1. Personally, I think, main difference between Subal and Nexus is size and price. Both product are well done engineering. But if local support is critical, of course better to stick what is available. Tim, do you mean for sales or after sales? For distributor or consequently enduser ?
  2. Yes, you are right Thats why I am curious, why we discussing about only 2 brands Alex, please dont take me wrongly. The world is "flat"... Some people buying expensive product (housings) in online shops globally, but then coming back to formal distributors, cause online shops running low margin business with no capability for after-sales support. And my point was not to say that Nexus better or cheaper than Nauticam. Just to remind public that there are other options available
  3. World is flat now. You can get servicing from authorized distributor in Asia ad US. Perhaps it will not cost much to ship it from Germany to US/Asia? To my knowledge, there are few distributors in EU who can help with Nexus servicing. But main point that by using Nexus it may take years for call to service . However, some users may prefer to pay 3 time more for Austrian made product and get instant service . So, coing back to initial of point of this subj. why not Nexus?
  4. Somewhat Nexus forgotten and its exactly in the middle of price range but with same quality of tops p.s. this post just for fairness sake.. no intention to sell
  5. I am using Nexus diopters and quite happy with it. I think Don also using same things with Subal housing/port. Its very good lens IMHO.
  6. Finally, first Nexus for D700 arrived to Singapore. Standard color, Only 2 opto bulkheads were ordered, but 2 more in option. Yes, it is M4 size. Nice, compact, lightweight.. I am thinking to move from D200 to D700
  7. Fininasia, Good news good for our customers. I presume logistic will be via Taiwan? Looking forward to see your shop soon. World is really flat cheers www.nexushousing.asia
  8. Hi Sam, Yes, I will publish pics as soon as I may get an upgrade Yes, at least one top class manufacturer offering upgrade (to my knowledge nobody else, yet). cheers
  9. Yes Sam, But among that three what you mentioned, only 160 is glass It gave me reason to guess.. I presume, wrongly Sorry about that. best
  10. Yes, Sam Surprisingly (for me) you are very well informed. And price is about right. To my knowledge many photographers are looking to upgrade 5D to 5DMk2. We have 3 orders confirmed for that upgrade. However I am going to "upgrade" myself D200->D300 soon best
  11. Ya ya Sam, I see you guys like acrylic stuff I will talk to Japan by next week. best
  12. Fantastic DIY work. But for me personally I will prefer manufacturer made upgrade. I am ok with DIY and do it all my life, but I feel it worth in this case. But anyway thanks for sharing experience. cheers
  13. Perhaps it us FP160 port specific. I will check with manufacturer tomorrow and comeback. We sold few ND300 housings used same adapter with Tokina 10-17 port and it was all ok. cheers
  14. Sam, Nop, not from "catalogue knowledge" To my memory we supplied one ND300 with adapter from M6 to M5 for 105 port same as for tokina 10-17mm. Dont know, may be I missed something here. But adapters are really works Also, we cant fight with law of physics right? so, if 14-24 lens has large size not suitable for M5 or M6, what we can do? Squeeze it in? Please dont take me wrong.. I do not support any stupid things or charges related to that things, but in this case nothing much we can do right? cheers
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