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  1. My bad... sold the last to a couple of weeks ago (another board) and forgot to update this one. My apologies...
  2. Excellent. Used but even the cosmetics are minor. not used much because I have YS-D2 which has some nice features (like color controls).
  3. bump? Someone's going to be happy.
  4. I no longer shoot U/W video. So I’m offering this Canon HF200 with extra batteries and the housing for sale. I would like to get $400 for all, but I also would like to move this on to someone who would love to have it. Canon HF200 specs
  5. I have a lightly used Olympus E-PL3 camera with housing and 14-42mm Zoom + 9-18mm WA lenses. Also included is a Zen 100mm WA port for the 9-18mm WA lens.I can separate these, or add to them (strobes, accessories, etc.) to get you whatever you are looking for. Camera and housing must remain together; WA lens and Zen port also must stay together.All together: $600Camera and Housing (with factory port and 14-42mm lens): $200Zen 100WA port and 9-18mm WA lens: $500
  6. 3 powerful YS-350 strobes with conversion to 18650 battery packs and Heinrich Weikamp Digital adapter (and cables with remote strobe control).Big? Yes. Big lighting? Absolutely.With the H+W digital adapter, one can pair up these strobes with whatever digital camera rig you have.Looking for someone who wants/needs a lot of light and can work with this. Asking $375 for all....
  7. Offered are four Sea&Sea YS-D1 strobes.You can read more about this strobe here: Sea & Sea YS-D1Originally had 4 - 1 pair sold. 1 pair left. Asking 500 / pair.Shipping is additional - actual cost (so you decide how and if insurance is necessary)
  8. Offered are three (3x) Inon D-2000 strobes (type 2). All working perfectly. 2 of the 3 have the 1/2 stop diffusers (1 does not). All have standard ball mounts and optical cables. Never flooded (see pics).I'd like to sell all 3x and have 1 deal to fill/deliver, so if you want everything, $450 ($150 each) will do it for me.If you just want 1, I can do $185 (and I have a buyer for the other 2 if that's the case).Prices are for gear only. You may decide on shipping and insurance - at your actual cost (in addition).
  9. If I look at this at 100%, focus is not that good. I shot this with focus fixed at 0.5ft (or 0.15m). Give the DOF scale, I'm now wondering if this wouldn't have been better at something closer to 0.8ft (0.24m)... Strobes are a bit hot too... so I think I should have maybe shot it at 160th sec. (or have set the camera's EV to maybe -0.3)? PS - really kinda amazing (to me anyway) that the YS-350s work so well with this (thanks to the H/W Digital Adapter). I only had 2 misfires all day and by setting the Olympus EPL5 to "use" RC (Remote Control ON) and the YS-350s to TTL, I had a fair bit of success (at least after I set the ISO to 200 down from 400, and increased the Shutter to 1/125th)
  10. Here is a sample of today out at Pickles. Bad storms last night had things stirred up a good bit, so water quality wasn't the best... ISO 200 f11 1/125th dual YS-350 Pros with H/W Digital Adapter in conjunction with Oly EPL5 in Fill mode and RC on.
  11. Price reduction (let's move this on)... $375 for housing and camera and 32GB memory card...
  12. Here is an update on what is SOLD - and what is available... (and updated pricing) Available A - Oly SP-350 in Ikelite housing with TTL interface and AD lens mount with flash hide + dual handle tray with standing base = $350 B2 - extra Sea&Sea arm for dual strobe setup = $10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D - Oly SP-350 w Oly housing + Henrich & Wiekamp TTL interface and TTL cord + tray with AD mount = $325 E - Oly SP-350 in Oly housing + tray with AD mount + Inon ultra wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) angle lens (UWL105AD) and optical flash mount = $400 M - Oly SP-350 in Oly housing with Henrich & Wiekamp TTL interface (and TTL cord) = $275 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: On the above cameras, I can change out parts to build exactly what you want - just ask... (will separate) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I - Inon tray mount for AD lens O - Ikelite single handle tray = $20 SOLD B - Oly SP-350 in Oly housing with Henrich & Wiekamp TTL interface (and TTL cord) on Sea&Sea tray + Fantasea dome port + YS90 AutoTTL strobe = $550 G - Oly SP-350 in Oly housing = $125J - Oly SP-350 in Oly housing = $125 K - Oly SP-350 in Oly housing = $125 L - Oly SP-350 in Oly housing = $125 P - spare Olympus SP-350 = $60 No Longer Available... C - Sea&Sea YS-350 Pro TTL strobe (extra battery pack and charger avail.) = $225 F - Sea&Sea Dual strobe TTL cable (can be combined with H&W digital converter to convert YS-350's to fire via internal flash) = $150 H - Sea&Sea TTL cable with H&W digital converter to convert non digital strobe to fire via camera's internal flash N - Sea&Sea YS-350 Pro TTL strobe (extra battery pack and charger avail.) = $225
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