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  1. Hi I have a Olympus E-620 and PTO-E06 but i am sure this post would refer to many Olympus housings About time i serviced and replaced the O-rings on some buttons and Dials in my Olympus Housing , but does anyone know what size they are or how to Identify them , I have Olympus part Number and a Part Name but the O-ring ID i cannot work out EG O2.8 or another O2.5 or O6.07 or O3.8 or O4.5 or 110.72 or 11.5 or S3 or 17 , etc etc I would imagine they are a Japanese JIS B 2401 but these numbers on the Parts list aren't there or even similar . Does anyone have any ideas Maybe a Different Housing as i am sure many use the same o-rings . have hopefully attached a Diagram and part Numbers So if anyone has any idea of the O-ring sizes would be appriciated Thanks Mark PT-E06 Exploded Picture.pdf
  2. HI All Thanks for the Input so Far - however seem to be getting off Topic , as seems to be a Sola's recommendation topic now (i am sure thats the best light there) But the Sola's does not have the Auto - Off feature ? Does it ? I was asking about the differences and pro's and Cons about the Auto off feature on Focus lights ? and does anyone know of which makes and models have them (apart from the small Fix and big blue) ? And what is the best Mounting Place and why - just trying to understand why I do these things as well as just doing them .?? Bill - thanks for input , can do up to 100 night dives a year (but when as a working ! I am instructor I almost never take a camera just students) so normally carrying my Hartenberger umbilical and several back ups for myself and everyone) - And as i have Video lights already , will not use for video and Olympus e620 does not have video function also, so will be really only mainly for day dives. Anyway Thanks for all suggestions guys all useful.
  3. Thanks for all the advice so far Bill and Jack Sounds like the Sola is a great light and one of the best ones to go for I would love to Splash on one , but don't think i can justify such a expensive light at the moment, But will go on the list when i can. mark
  4. Hi Jim Wow thats great - thanks for the Info yes your thoughts are spot on and have looked at most stuff you suggested already . interesting about Big blue - say somewhere were very big - and different model.. I actually have a Olympus E-620 in Olympus Housing with 2 Inon s-2000 strobes - I love Olympus Underwater (had before Olympus c-765 before upgrading couple years ago) but find the E-620 takes a while to focus and really does not like low light (whatever lens I have). tried using the Fisheye Fix next to the strobes but that didn't work and recently made mounts for Hot shoe mount with bit of loc-line (DIY everything) - but think those just not bright enough. - just wondering if was Angle/position or not bright enough for me ? (think answer was both) I have read alot about the Sola's but seen many people have a Problem with the red showing through and as no auto shut off sometimes over exposed and shadows in wrong place . I also to be honest not a fan of Light and Motion stuff , to many electronics and seen many Customers (I am Instructor) have a problem with there electronics and cannot get serviced quickly or easily - I like Basic things , if a torch floods, i like that I can clean new batteries, maybe new bulb and fix again. - and to be honest they are too Expensive, just basically a aluminium tube battery and led's. Would not mindpaying $400/$500 for a focus light/torch if would use it for other stuff But being a Instructor for years I have so many torches and even old HID niterider video lights don't really want to spend so much again.. Anyone know of a DIY project/plans to make a Focus light with auto shut off ? maybe can make one with few white , red and blue LEDS and cut out and shove in old torch ?? Thanks for Info Jim
  5. HI I am looking at getting a new Focus light as have cheap Fisheye fix and not always good enough- have read loads but cannot seem to find specific info up to date 2012 I like the Idea of the Auto off feature as I have read alot that those without can change shadows and not give you so much control over the light also can over expose your pictures . So can anyone let me know the Pro's and Cons with the Auto off lights or non auto off lights . Does anyone know or can list what Auto off lights there are in the market (i know Big blue, fisheye fix / fantasia 44) ARE there any other good ones available ?? let me know so i can have a look would be great (google auto off focus lights didn't really help) I like the sound of the La Luz 800 light - does anyone know if thats auto off - as does not mention anywhere. Last is where is the Best location for a Focus light , I make my own mounts from thin sheet Aluminium (- point being can locate anywhere pretty much next to strobe/hotshoe or somewhere else, But where is the Best/optimal place for a Focus light and if on the hotshot mount how high above should it be ? Thanks All Mark
  6. Hi I posted over on the Strobes Page but no real replies there so Try here. I have a Olympus E-620 in PT-E06 housing with x2 Inon s-2000 strobes - and I am trying to find out more about the Settings I need to make work Better . Is strobe setting Manual or S-TTL better to use most of the Time ? If using on S-TTL where do I put the EV switch on the Strobe (what Position) Are there any special settings on the Camera I should have set when using S-TTL Any other advise or info would be useful on the set up and use . One other Unrelated Question the Macro setting on the E-620 (little flower setting) does this actually do anything , as I normally shoot underwater in M-mode should I use MACRO for shooting Macro (does it do something to lens like a Compact Camera) Thanks
  7. Hi I just Need a Little Info/help setting up and understanding how the Inon s-2000 strobes work with a Olympus PT-E06 I have Now x2 s-2000 strobes Connected to the Housing with Optical Fibre and Both seem to work on most settings on the flash and the camera, However what are the correct Settings I should use on the strobes S-ttl or Manual ? What is that Little Magnet and magnet screw I get with the strobes Do (do i need it ?) What settings should I use on the Camera and what flash Power should be used. Any other recommended setting also would be great Any and all information is Helpful thanks to all - I have read a few other posts but cannot find Directly relevant to my Camera with 2 inon s-2000 strobes. Mark
  8. HI All I just received my Replacement o-ring from Olympus Australia and it has the Same Fault - while it is slightly better the exact same fault is there - injection moulder marks with small cuts around them in 3 or 4 places around the O-ring 1-2mm each . Did anyone else find this problem ?? Maybe these are only the O-rings from this side of the World Made in China Is probably the reason for the Inferior Quality , Probably Japanese or american made ones would be better. Mark
  9. Hi My housing PT-E06 Have just Measured has 5 holes on the Bottom ( for taking most Trays) I use the Middle 2 which seems Standard the Middle 2 have a 45mm centers between and all the holes there is 22.5mm Distance from Middle to Middle So you can have any 2 holes with Multiples of 22.5cm Hope this Make sense I bought a NEW old model Sea-sea CX tray and Handles for Half Price as older Model from Yuzo @ UWdigitalcamera.com he might still have a Couple left they fit Perfectly Hope this Helps Mark
  10. Just a Heads Up if you have a Olympus PT-E06 or Maybe 05 also I have a New PT-E06 for a E-620 and found out that the Inner O-ring (one that gets Compressed POL-E06B) has a Manufacturing Fault , I while Cleaning the o-ring I noticed some small Cuts Looks like moulding Marks on the o-ring there are 3-4 maybe as you look around the O-ring but if you stretch the o-ring Slightly these go over Half way through the O-ring. Obviously when the Rubber/silicone is Injected into the Mould the excess got cut off Badly causing a Damaged O-ring. While I doubt this Fault will Immediately Flood your Housing it's Certainly something to be concerned about and check out - OLympus here in Australia get their stuff Directly from Japan (Not sure if all housings are made there so Might be Different) Olympus Have Agreed to send me a Replacement O-ring at no charge as is a Manufacturing Fault. But please all Check your O-rings Carefully and then talk to the dealer if you find the Same Fault as I cannot believe I am the Only one with this. Mark
  11. Hi Mikeo Thanks for the Info , I have had a quick look at ebay and found the odd sony Camera , Couldn't find housings Though , I just wondered in photo forums people might have a Better Idea . Unfortunately every manufacturer makes a new housing for a New camera - would be nice to have a housing that fits all cameras for one make. Anyway Thanks
  12. HI Have some old Camera Equipment and Just want to know roughly what it's worth so I can sell it /Swap it for something more Useful. See below Any thoughts on Values much Appriciated. Both Old setups are Perfectly working Above and Below water just Older as I have just gone to a Digital SLR setup underwater I no longer need this stuff. Sony Sony Underwater Setup X1 Sony Camera 3.2mp DSC-P5 (new Like condition) Inc Charger, x4 Batteries, Manual/CD, Case , All cables , Sony memory stick X1 Sony VAD-PHA (Adapter for use on land with other lenses, etc) X1 Sony Marine Housing MPK-P5 (Good Condition works Perfectly) Inc sony Grease X1 Sea-Sea to Sony Housing Adapter ( to fit sea-sea Lenses ) X1 Sea-Sea Macro Lens 1:2 ML-II/ 2T X1 Sea-Sea Macro Lens 1:3 ML-II/ 3T Olympus Set up X 1 Olympus c-765 4mp Camera (Good Condition) 10x optical Zoom Inc x2 (NEW) Batteries, Charger, x3 XD Cards (256mb,16mb,16mb), Cables X1 Underwater Housing OLYMPUS PT-022 Good Condition Inc Olympus Grease X1 Olympus Adapter to fit other Lenses on Camera (Ubove water use) Will fit Both Macro lense and Optic Zeis 0.45X wide Angle Lense (above water use) X1 Sea-Sea Base DX-STAY (fit most Cameras Inc sony/Olympus) X1 Sea-sea DX-ARM Also Have Sea-Sea YS-25 Strobe + Optical Cable and fittings for Above cameras Cheers Mark
  13. Hi Does any one know what size Hex wrench/Alum Key is needed to unscrew the Grub screw in the end of a Older style Sea-sea Optical Fibre cable , as Had to cut cable as was damaged and now need to re attach the end. from the looks of it the size must be 0.75mm-1mm or somewhere around that size , it is very tiny thats for sure . if someone knows or knows a Contact email for Sea-sea that I could ask would be great Thanks Mark Sorry don't know model number of Cable but is 7 years old Black all over inc Ends , ha one 90˚ bend in one end with small blue o-ring on each end.And held to cable with Hex Head grub screw.
  14. Hi all Thanks for the Info everyone , I have continued with my Googling and found that INON make the correct part for a few dollars only and available for olympus from Reef Photo in the US and UWdigitalcamera.com in Japan (YUZO can get for every camera Make) , I am in Australia and 2 plugs for INON to Olympus and postage cost less than $8 , so rather than Poking holes etc I will just order a couple of the Correct ones. Thanks mark
  15. HI ALL Thanks for replies, I got two with the housing But i presume they were just Blanking plugs (fill the hole when not in use) as they do not have any hole in them , Yes it looks like I could poke a hole through with a Kebab stick also but that does not seem how it should be ?? Did anyone Buy a Inon strobe Optical Cable ?? did it come with the Rubber plug ?? I would just like to know what is the correct way . Thanks all Mark
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