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  1. are you willing to split? interested in strobes & cords if so how about shipping to UK?
  2. Hi Do you have the port numbers? Would you be willing to ship to the UK? Regards, Rick
  3. Hi, I've got an aquatica 5d housing and am in the UK so shipping should be a lot cheaper, can get it posted straight away. Am based in Birmingham if collection would be prefered. Flash connectors are a 4-pin and a 2-pin nikonos so for use on manual, no ttl Regards, Rick
  4. I've got an aquatica 5d housing available. am UK based but willing to ship
  5. up to the top - really no one interested?
  6. am on holiday for a week now, but pre-holiday bump
  7. Is no one interested? Would consider worldwide sale but postage would be expensive on this
  8. I bought this less than 6 months ago with the intent to get into underwater photography however since then diving has been put on the back burner a bit and I've had to take a 33% reduction in my hours at work so its gone from me investing in a full setup, to waiting, to now having to sell this housing. The housing has never been used by myself but is in immaculate condition apart from one of the anode needs replacing which costs about £8 to order and it can be swapped out easily enough (it is a sacrifical anode designed to rust before the rest of the housing and get replaced) There are two flash connectors; one has four pins, the other has two. Looking to get back exactly what I paid for it if I can - £750 plus about £20 P&P but am open to reasonable offers I'm based in the UK (Birmingham most of the time, near Luton some weekends) and would like a UK sale only - collection more than welcome
  9. Does nobody have any ideas or advice?
  10. I've been offered a chance to get an Aquatica housing for a 5D fairly cheap and am thinking about going for it but the seller says that it's not a 5 pin connector, rather a 4 pin and a 2 pin. I've had a look for 4 pin cables and I can only see sea and sea do them but the shape/pin connection does not look the same. The Nikonos connectors look the same - they have 5 holes in the same layout as mine have, only I have 1 or 3 pins missing respectively. If I were to get this housing would I be able to use Nikonos 5 pin cables? If I were able to use a 5 pin cable for both the 4 and 2 pin connections would it be worth getting a dual cable for use with something like 2x Sea and Sea Duo strobes or rather going for a Sea and Sea YS-100alpha with a YS-27DX slave, and if I were to slave a second strobe would it need cabling or would the wirelss slave sensor work even though my master would only be connected via 4 pins? EDIT: just found the image of a Nikonos connector on http://www.camerasunderwater.info/engineer...ash/nikttl.html and it appears to be the same as this but the 4 pin is missing the Q (quench/ttl stop) pin and the 2 pin is missing Rdy (ready to fire), Q (quench/ttl stop) and SP
  11. Whilst it's great that there's punishment for these breakers of the rules but generally the UK is far better than most other European countries at following fishing quotas and not overfishing. If only other countries did the same and sent a message out Europe wide it would have a much greater effect than the French and Spanish (nothing against those specific countries, only an example) laughing at British fishermen and then catching twice as much and getting away with it
  12. I'm interested but where in the world are you located?
  13. This isn't just an issue in the UK it is worldwide. Legislation to charge is fine but you need some organisation to enforce that and money to fund said organisation. You could possibly set up a small policing force from old trawlermen - thus removing some of the fishermen as well as some of the fishing grounds. As for communication you need to find why people are trawling in the SAC - they may not be catching elsewhere, they may need a short term loan to purchase different gear to trawl elsewhere or using a slightly alternative method, they may need advising on where else they can catch rather than using the same dozen sites they've used all their lives. If you take something away from them you have to give them something else - a replacement or an alternative.
  14. For any kind of MPA or ICZM to work you need: 1) money - to fund education, helping people transit through the change, and wages for people involved in the project 2) hierarchy - you need an organisation in charge, maybe other organisations under a central management. the organisations need to be beyond reproach 3) legislation - to punish people who break the rules and give any organisations backing 4) communication - you need to constantly be talking to the people being disrupted, and listening to feedback, all communication should be two way If any one of the above is missing the project will fail. I'm sure there should be more to add to this, my lecturers will be turning that I don't remember more
  15. Hello everyone My name's Rick, or Ricky, and I'm a photography addict. I've just finished 4 years at Bangor University studying for a Master in Marine Science and am now back home earning some money to pay off my debts. Having dived before Uni I'm looking to start again and combine this with my other main hobby of photography so I'm here to join and participate in a specialist community. I currently shoot using a 30D, with my old 350D as backup, and have a Canon 10-22mm, 18-55mm, 70-200mm 2.8 and am looking to get one of the many different 24-60/24-70/24-75/28-70 2.8 lenses that are out there. No doubt I'll be pestering people with lots of questions. Rick
  16. Hi Adrian, I'm new here too and also in the UK. Where abouts in West Wales are you from? I studied at Uni in North Wales and my girlfriend is from Llanelli so know Wales a bit
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