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  1. Thanks guys. I have used the 10-17 with my D800 in the Ikelite 6" dome, and to my eyes the resolution is good, perhaps I do not have the critical eye to see the short comings. For now I have no desire to get the Sigma 15. I will certain bear all these in mind, and looking at the responses the 5" dome and 10-17 may not be as "tailored" as advertised by the maker. Shelving the 5" mini dome and 16-35 combination altogether. For now I will continue with the 6" dome with my 20 and 10-17, but could come back to revisit this topic later for 10-17. Present project is to achieve greater than 1:1 with my AFS 105, TC17EII, TC14EII and Dioptre. Thanks. I have learned a great deal from your responses. Appreciate that.
  2. I am using Nikon D800 in an Ikelite housing. Previously a Fujifilm S2 Pro, also in an Ikelite housing. My standard ware for WA and FE has been Ikelite's 6" dome fixed port, with Tokina 10-17 FE (using lens as is for FX, 15mm onward) and Nikon 20mm f/2.8D. Had the option to shoot with 20-35D, but never did. The Ikelite 8" modular port is too big for my liking. Seen one while at Sipadan, and while it is probably nice to shoot with it, especially for breath taking vistas and over-under, it would be a nightmare to travel with. So I searched for mini dome options, and found the precision 5" dome. Read the article by Alex Mustard, review by londonsean69, and I will move to the mini dome option, and forgo the advantage of 8" dome. Saw on UWCamerastuff webpage the only Nikon FX rectilinear WA lens listed is 16-35mm f/4 VR. Which I have, thankfully. Questions: - what are your experience with the 16-35/4VR and this mini dome? - what about the other lenses, like 17-35/2.8, 20-35/2.8? Can they be used if the port length fits? Any experience? - any experience using the Tokina 10-17 FE as full frame lens? I am leaning towards getting the 5" dome, the extension to use Tokina 10-17 FE, and add the right extension to use either the 20-35 or 16-35. Thanks.
  3. As far as I know, no. Especially the AFS version. I can get the AFD version to AF with Kenko TC.
  4. the D7000 works with the AFD version, which will not af with d40, 60, 3000, 3100, 3200, 5000, 5100 etc. not sure but the new handle should be lighter.
  5. Just got my D800 housing, the zoom gears are included in the housing package. From Ikelite webpage for D7000 housing: There are 2 60mm Micro Nikkors: AFD and AFS. The AFS focuses faster and is a better lens overall. But the AFD is more than adequate for the job. The AFS lens, however, have a tendency to focus pass and can't acquire focus under certain circumstances. There are some who prefer the slower AFD lenses that will move slowly to acquire focus. I use the smaller dome port for my Tokina ATX 10-17mm FE. From Ikelite webpage: Standard - 6" Dome Requires: — 5503 port Must remove dome shade to prevent vignetting. Use large diameter 5509.28 zoom set.
  6. Love this reply. Very educational. Sets me thinking about the sea whip-goby scenario - would this have worked better?
  7. This was taken by a D700 in Sipadan in June, using Tokina 10-17mm FE as FX lens without cropping. This was taken by a D800 in Kashmir in August, again using Tokina 10-17mm as FX lens without cropping. Sorry the second shot is not underwater, haven't dived with my D800 as yet. In both cases the lens set at 16mm (EXIF shows 15mm) covered FX, and used as a prime lens. There is no need for a TC. Haven't pixel peeped yet, happy enough that it works. Did a 100% crop and the details are still quite awesome.
  8. I have not been able to get any TC to work with the AFS60 micro lens. It just won't lock focus. Nikon does not recommend TC on AFS60. In the old days there were those who prefered the AFD60mm + TC2.0 using the 105mm flat port. The 1.4x TC is much smaller, so it should fit. Not sure if it will be ok, though. But the point is probably moot if the AFS 60 can't AF with TC.
  9. I second this choice - two DS51 means going to DS160 you will need 2 DS160. I would go 1 DS160 then save up for the second DS160, the path I took, only back then it was DS125 and added DS160 1 year later. And yes get DS161 for the possibility of video. I'd suggest 2 DS51 only if WA is never going to feature in your photography. And you did say Nikon 12-24.
  10. See my blog on my small experiment on using DX lens to cover FX. It would be of interest to you as the Tokina 10-17 is the main test subject. If you should go this route I would like you to explore the quality of the final results, and report back.
  11. Thanks. I had never paid much attention to the colour temperature of the strobe, and just found out that my DS-125 and DS-160 have colour temperature of 4800K. Went back to re-process some of the shots (taken in raw) and put them over to 4800K, and indeed the macro shots come out more accurately than I had previously done (I had assumed that the strobes were balanced for 5500K). For WA and CFWA, the blue did shift somewhat and as it stands I am not sure I would go to 4300K balanced strobe... at 4800K a straw poll at home showed that there were 50:50 split between those who liked the daylight balance shots (more greenish) and the 4800K balanced shots (in my opinion a more attractive blue). See my blog for photo sample. Just in case I want to go Alex Mustard's way, where can I get filters that will bring the strobe colour temperature from the present 4800K to 4300K? Thanks.
  12. Saw this in the DSLR forum: Didn't want to OT in that thread, thought I would start this here. How would one do it? Use an amber filter? Or CTO? Appreciate if someone could post some pictures to show the effect. Thanks.
  13. Diving in Singapore is really not recommended. But Singapore is a short hop away(by flight) from many of the best destination in the world. Pulau Weh (Aceh) is two plane rides away - Singapore - Kuala Lumpur - Banda Aceh - but can take a while to get there. Bali is less than 3 hours, Manado a little over 3 hours, Cebu 3.5 hours, etc. My last dive was at Aceh in January - see blog.
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