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  1. Thank you Cris for your advice. I will tray to do that an let you know:) Best regards ante
  2. I would like to use Nauticam Shinobi with my Ikelite 200DL Underwater Housing for Canon EOS 90D DSLR. I installed Nauticam M16 Standard HDMI Bulkhead but I can not connect camera to the bulkhead inside the housing with the HDMI cables that are provided with the Nauticam housing. If I use "I" shape micro on the bulkhead, there is no space as it is going over camera controls (see photo). The second cable is "L" shape micro - that fits perfectly, but on the other end of the cable is also micro connector, and I need mini "L" connector. Is there any suggestions. I have spend 1 months looking for appropriate cable on the internet! Ikelite does not have suggestion. best regards, ante
  3. Hi Thani, I would like to know how good Auto Focus works with your Sigma APS-C 17-70mm and what exactly type of Metabones speed booster do you have. I am still new in all those FS7 components and quite confused Thx ante
  4. Hi Thani, Thank you again for excellent explanation and recommendation. You said before "Zenunderwater 200mm (8") dome all the times - no other ports were used even for close-up shots". In spite of that, I thought that you have some experience with Macroport or Plan Port (produced by SeaLux) which is recommended for macro objective like Canon 100, ante
  5. Thank you a lot for your extensive review! It seems that you prefer Sigma APS-C 17-70mm more than Canon EF 16-35mm which is double expensive objective. As you said, Sigma is All in One as it has wide and macro in the same - that sound beter to me. Also you do not need Close Up lens, so it is one optical element less! I am planing (but still thinking about) to buy FS7 and Sealux, As there are strict financial limit I have to take final decision withught experimenting. Anyhow, it will be excellent if you have time and make a film how to set up all parts together! I was told how it is quite tricky to put Sony monitor inside a housing - one user suggested me to have two monitors, so to always have one ready inside and one for recording out of the water - what is your experience? Do you have experience with Macroport and Planport? ante
  6. Excellent video! I have really enjoyed! And what a location - have to go there!!!! Now we are looking for your comment on Sealux And what lenses did you use? Let us now as much as possible about you equipment! ante
  7. Hi Thani Thank you for your comments! I am looking forward to see your video and read your review on FS7 in a Sealux housing. I have been using before Sony PD150 in Amphibico housing which served me well for a many years. Now is time for something new. In FS7 I found device with changeable lenses and slow motion options which is indeed what I would like to have in my camera. What is the new camera which you have mentioned? Best regards ante
  8. Hi, I would like to know if someone have experience with Sony PXW-FS7 underwater. I have been planing to buy it with Sealux underwater housing. Any comment on that equipment? ante
  9. Tkank you for you coments. So, there is change. I will take your experience and suggestion into cosideration:)
  10. Hi everyone, As I still have Amphibico PD150 housing in a good shape, is it possible to use it with some new HD camera instead of old Sony PD150. Any experience? Best regards
  11. Hi everyone, As I still have Amphibico PD150 housing in a good shape, is it possible to use it with some new HD camera instead of old Sony PD150. Any experience? Best regards
  12. Hi all. I have old 3.5 Amphibico monitor. As I am planing to buy Gates EX1R housing, I would like to know it that monitor can be used on Gates housing? Are connectors the same? Thank you!
  13. I am ante from Split - Croatia. Last 10 years I have been recording using PD150 and Amphibico housing. Now I am planing to buy a new equipment. At the moment I am thinking between Amphibico EX3 or Gates EX1R. Any suggestion! It seems that EX3 with Amohibico is quite large and heavy - that is a huge problem if you are alone in the field. Best regards from Adriatic ante
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