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  1. Hi does anybody know how to get rid of the residuce that formoutside of the housing looks like a layer of white film My housing is sea &sea black housing thanks
  2. thank you it make things very clear for me
  3. i have a nikon d300 and i am trying to get a marco len either 60mm or 105mm any suggestion?
  4. thanks for all these useful information you think your 2 ys-110 is powerful enough to use with wide angle shooting. because my 2 inon is about the same power as yours. i currently using olympus c-5060 with my two strobes with optical setting but a lot of time the picture come out blueish color doesn't matter what i try on the setting on my strobes. so you think i don't necessary to get the TTL converter if i buy the new system?
  5. thank you for all the answer i saw you are using ys110s and ys90 how are they? do you use them to shoot manual or ttl? what do you set on the camera and the strobes when you shooting on either setting? do you just set your shutter to 60 only or what else do you set that to?
  6. i am interest to get into sea & sea MDX-D300 housing but they have 3 different dome port for the lens i have . my lens is nikon 12-24mm F4 the dome port are 1. NX fisheye dome port 2. NX compact dome port 3. CX compact dome port with all these three dome port take the photo differently? if i use it on 24mm zoom does it make any different? if i take shot very close to the subject does it make any different? with this housing i have a inon z-220 and D-2000 strobe is that powerful enough to shoot wide or close up? and how should i suppose to hook up to the housing?
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