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  1. Would you be willing to sell the dome separately? If so, how much?
  2. Palau is amazing, but photographically the most challenging place I've been. Good shots are few and far between because most dives are drifts and it is difficult to go slow enough for macro, or get close enough for larger subjects (like sharks). I recommend trying video as well (whatever lens you find works best for that). I found it easier to get good results on video than photographically.
  3. Just a +1 for the Leak Sentinel. I have found their customer service to be amazing and responsive. I had an issue with mine due to user error (not properly cleaning after a dive trip), which I discovered just before my next trip, and Milo got me replacement parts out to me the next day at a huge discount (despite the problem being my fault) so I got them before leaving on my trip.
  4. Pictures, and reduction to $1350. This is an insane deal.... More pictures in this Google photo album (including arms for housing). https://goo.gl/photos/KdEmnCs3z5tDXUaG9
  5. Dropping price to $1400 for the package.
  6. I have an account where I share a combo of my diving photos, and my maker projects. Feel free to subscribe https://www.instagram.com/modustrialmaker/?hl=en
  7. Taking photos while snorkeling/freediving is infinitely more difficult than taking pictures while scuba diving, and this difficulty is amplified if you are using a large DSLR, and amplified even more if it is difficult to use the controls of the DSLR through a bag housing. I would suggest you look at a small point and shoot with an affordable housing, or a gopro (if video is to your liking). For a similar cost, you'll get better results in your situation.
  8. Also, I will sell the housing and camera separately - asking $1400 for the housing, $400 for the camera, if purchased separately.
  9. I'm selling my Canon 7D (body only) and an Aquatica A7D housing as a package for $1600. It is priced low to sell quick. I take one dive trip a year, and this is all it has been used for, but everything is in reasonably good shape. This was my first DSLR setup, and is great for a beginner. Examples photos taken with this setup: https://flic.kr/s/aHsk7rwgWb https://flic.kr/s/aHskUBuxMU I will include the charger and battery with the camera. The housing comes with arms and dual optical ports for the optical strobe connections. I am also considering offering the Aquatica 4" mini dome (works with Tokina 10-17) for an extra $500. I'll post some pictures of the setup later. Send me a PM if interested.
  10. I am torn on which direction to go. The general consensus seems to be that the DJI Mavic is superior, but there are additional factors unique to the underwater photographer, which make the decision tougher, in my opinion. I'm wondering what others think? Here are two of the main considerations I think are unique for UW photogs: 1. The GoPro camera does double duty for us. This is a big one. The DJI Mavic is much more compact, and on its own, will pack better for travel. However, like many underwater photographers, I generally pack a GoPro rig. I mount mine on top of my DSLR housing so I can capture video quickly while shooting still photos. And sometimes, I feel like a "light" dive, and only take the gopro down with me (and I have a tray and handles packed for this). So, if I go with a Mavic, I'll still be packing a GoPro. This means with the DJI route, I'll be traveling with three types of cameras, instead of two. Thus, some of the portability advantage of the Mavic is lost for those of us who will still be using a GoPro underwater. 2. There are lots of above-ground shots the GoPro gimbal and handheld will be great for - rides on dive boats, filming dolphins accompanying your boat, etc. If I get the Mavic, I would have to bring the GoPro and a gimbal, or the DJI osmo, which means more gear to pack, and an extra $300-600 in costs. An additional factor -- some of us who are ready to upgrade our GoPro for underwater purposes (I'm currently on GoPro hero 3), the cost of GoPro upgrade + drone makes the Karma the much better value. So what do people think? Mavic or Karma for underwater photographer who is using a GoPro underwater already?
  11. Our trip there was awesome as well. Neal Watson was great to dive with. I might mention that the hammerheads aren't the only photo opportunity there. The reef sharks and shallow water wrecks are also great.
  12. French Polynesia might be an option (and IMO is better than other options mentioned here, especially for big stuff). I'm not sure the logistics of getting to Tahiti from Europe (you may have a layover at LAX), but once you get there, it is a short 45 min - 1hr flight to Fakarava or Rangiroa, which definitely can meet all your criteria.
  13. We are planning a trip right now -- I can't wait!
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