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  1. Two Subal GS 180 Viewfinders for sale Both in excellent condition Complete with rubber eyecup, spacer and retaining ring Spanner ranch not included Will sell them separately Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Happy to send by requested carrier. Shipping insurance is required. Excellent condition means glass and viewfinder housing in great shape, no scratches or scuffs, optics are clear, no mold or fogging etc. Never been flooded Price per unit: $750 Reason for sale: Bought two 45 viewfinders, and no longer use 180s Please see attached images to see all items in a package If you are not happy with the condition of the viewfinder within 7 days of receiving it, you can send it back to me for a full refund. You are responsible for shipping costs.
  2. I have two sets of Ikelite DS-161 Substrobes I would like to sell. Each set comes with diffusers for each strobe and a single smart charger, good for 110v and 220v charging. All in excellent condition. Lowest online price for a new strobe and charger I could find is $1,049.90. I will sell each set of two strobes, diffusers and charger for $1,400. I will pay shipping in U.S. I work in the diving industry and am very easy to find. This is the first time I have sold an item on Wetpixel. Thank you, Marty
  3. I just returned from being a judge at a photo event named Manta Fest in Yap (Micronesia). Other judges were Tim Rock, Ray Bullion and Frank Schneider. Much fun was had by all which means somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 to 40 attendees. My third trip to Yap. I love it. It is the most traditional of the major Micronesian Islands and the people are terrific. Same goes for the diving. Manta Fest certainly lived up to its name- lots and lots of mantas. Other good dives include a shark dive with gray reefs and blacktip reef sharks, a mandarinfish dive and some great walls that plummet to nowhere. Dates for next year's Manta Fest have been set for late August and early September- two weeks. Hope to see you there!
  4. Hi Gang! I have a pair of Ikelite DS 125s strobes that I would like to sell. I can sell with or without the chargers. Both strobes are in good condition. Neither has had any water damage. Please reply with email and phone number if interested. Thank you!
  5. Hi! My name is Marty Snyderman. I have a Subal D2x housing that I would like to sell. It is in very good condition. If you are interested you can contact me by email at marty@martysnyderman.com, or by phone at 858-793-6266 and we can discuss any necessary details. I work in the diving business and am a pretty easy person to find when I am in country. Thank you! Marty
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