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  1. I was thinking on my next dive to try and shoot in Tv at about 1/20 - 1/40 and see what that looks like. The trouble is judging how much light there is from the Melta-halides at 15' down. With the viewfinder I can see the info at the bottom of the frame, I can barely make out the AF points sometimes.
  2. I'm sure I'm part of a select few that will get a chance to dive and shoot images in an aquarium exhibit but since I'm new to UW photography I figured I'd ask here. What settings would any of you suggest. I'm diving an Ikelite housing with my D-Rebel (300D) 6" dome and a DS-51 stobe. I have two lenses that I can shoot a 50mm 1.8f and the kit 18-55mm 3.5-5.6f. My first dive was on Monday and needless to say the result were underwelming. I normaly shoot AP priority around the aquarium and have gotten good results with the lack of lighting. During the dive I made minor changes mainly the strobe settings but I was getting lots of ghosting and was also having trouble seeing through the viewfinder (I guessing this might get easier with practice). TIA Jason
  3. Got an Ikelite housing for 300D. So far it seems like I'll have to learn how to shoot all over again.
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