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  1. Sorry everyone haven't logged on recently, still available and yes has removable shade.
  2. Still for sale US$1,300 plus posatge and fees
  3. Have been optimistic. US$1,200 gets port and I will cover paypal and reasonable postage costs.
  4. I want to get rid of this so someone make me a (reasonable) offer.
  5. I’ll drop to 75% of shop cost. That’s a brand new housing for $2550.
  6. These are the original strobes. The new ones are not out yet. However I did order a set of the Retra Pro which as I am not currently diving they are available. If you get in quick they can be sent straight from the manufacturer to you in about 3 weeks.
  7. and attached this time https://www.nauticam.com/products/conversion-kit-to-convert-na-a9-for-use-with-sony-a7riii-camera
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