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  1. Al (and others who may be interested) For future reference if you are anywhere without the pump you can actually suck the air out of the housing and it works.
  2. Dome Port Sold New Prices Housing + Bulkhead Sell $1,800 4.33" Dome Port - as new $350 41mm Macro Port - excellent condition glass perfect $240 40mm Extension with lock - excellent condition $180 10mm Extension with screws $100 Zoom Gear Canon 16 - 35 II lens $100 Zoom Gear Canon 8 - 15 Lens $100
  3. Want it gone so will consider reasonable offers - no lowball ones though.
  4. Hi I have moved from Canon to Sony and and have my Nauticam 5D Mk III Housing with electronic bulkhead for sale. The Housing is in very good condition, few small scratches from use which can be seen in the photos. Housing + Bulkhead (New $3700) Sell $1,999 Also for sale are: 8" Dome Port - excellent condition no marks on dome (New $650) Sell $450 4.33" Dome Port - as new (New $590) Sell $360 41mm Macro Port - excellent condition glass perfect (New $400) Sell $270 40mm Extension with lock - excellent condition (New $300) Sell $200 10mm Extension with screws - excellent condition (New $200) Sell $140 Zoom Gear Canon 16 - 35 II lens - as new (New $195) Sell $140 Zoom Gear Canon 8 - 15 Lens - as new (New $195) Sell $140 Offers for packages considered.
  5. For sale is an as new Canon G16 Camera plus excellent Nauticam Housing. Included are: Canon G16 - New Price $550 Nauticam Housing - New Price $1,050 FlexiTray - New Price $150 Right Handle - New Price $40 Right and Left Metal Supports for Handles and G16 Camera - New Price $25 each 2 x Mounting Balls - New Price $16 each Includes: 2nd Battery - New Price $30 Filter Adapter - New Price $50 Wide Angle Lens - New Price $80 Case - New Price $30 Memory Card - New Price $30 Total Price New would be $2,092 Grab a bargain all in excellent condition over 40% off. Only $1,200 + postage & fees.
  6. The flat port is the 60mm not the 41mm. I will PM you for the dome port.
  7. Would you take PayPal and include postage to Nashua NH 03063?
  8. I have a Nauticam NA 5D Mk 3 Housing in perfect condition. You will struggle to find a mark anywhere on the housing. It has never been flooded, and comes with 2 electronic bulkheads for strobe (the picture shows one but it comes with 2). I am selling it with a great traveling kit. The Nauticam 8.5" White Balance Dome Port, the Nauticam 60mm Macro Port and a 40mm Extension. This is a perfect setup for the best of the Canon lenses. The Dome Port and 40mm extension is the right length for the Canon 16 - 35 F2.8 Lens The Dome Port placed directly on the housing is the right length for the Canon 8 - 15 F4 Fish eye lens An the 60mm Macro plus the 40mm Extension works perfectly with the Canon 100L 2.8 Macro lens. Much small package then buying different length extensions and pieces. Also including the Nauticam Strobe Trigger for Canon and a 4XIT zoom gear that fits both the 16 -35 and 8 - 15 lens. New prices (all from Reef Photo web site): Nauticam NA-5D MkIII Housing $3700 Nauticam 8.5" White Balance Dome Port $1200 Nauticam 40mm Extension $300 Nauticam 60mm Macro Port $400 Nauticam Strobe Trigger $220 4XIT Zoom gear $85 Total new price is $5905 I'll let the package go for less than the price of the Housing a saving of over $2000. Price US$3650 Remember these are all in excellent condition or as new condition. Postage anywhere in the world at cost and I will cover all PayPal fees. This is near as new as it is my backup housing. I also have another housing that it used and cheaper as well as a standard 8.5" dome port, brand new optical sync cables, electronic sync cables, zoom and focus gears and other bits and pieces, search my older ads.
  9. Orentuvia I'll keep it for that. New it's worth over $600. And it hasn't got a mark on it.
  10. I have an as new GoPro Hero 4 Silver Camera. Includes the Flip 3.1 Filter system both side and top flips with multiple deep, dive, shallow and green water filters. Also includes Flip Macro Lens and adapter. Includes 2 x 32Gb hi quality micro sd cards. Includes lots of additional mounts. Make an offer. See picture.
  11. I am moving away from big bulky DSLR Housings so have a lot of gear for sale. Much of the gear is almost unused. I am after around 70% of new prices for most of it, give or take, bit more for the unused pieces bit less for the marked ones. Make an offer but you know the ball park I am looking at. don't worry about PayPal fees or postage, let's just agree on a price. I have put up some photos but message me and I'll send through more. Here is the list (the prices are Backscatter new prices - not what I am after): 1 almost new Nauticam NA 5D Mk III Housing with one Electrical Bulkhead and Vacuum system electronics. This is unmarked and for all purposes looks new. ($3,700); 1 used Nauticam NA 5D Mk III Housing includes Vacuum system electronics. This is my regular housing, has marks on the body, looks used, but functions perfectly ($3,700); 1 almost new Nauticam 60mm Macro Port ($400); 1 almost new Nauticam 40mm Extension with lock ($300); 1 almost new Nauticam Focus Gear for Canon 100L 2.8 Macro ($225); 1 almost new Nauticam Zoom Gear for Canon 16 - 35 II lens ($195); 1 as new Nauticam Zoom Gear for Canon 8 - 15 Fisheye lens ($195); 1 almost new Xit 404 zoom gear works with both 8 - 15 and 16 - 35 II ($95); 2 almost new Nauticam Flas Triggers for Canon ($220); 1 excellent condition (no scratches on dome) Nauticam 8.5" Dome Port ($650); 1 excellent condition (no scratches on dome) Nauticam 8.5" White Balance Dome Port ($1200); 2 Nauticam to Sea and Sea optic cables (unopened in original packaging) ($100); 1 well used but working Sea and Sea to Nikonos Dual sync cable ($195); 1 well used but working Sea and Sea to Nikonos sync cable ($125). Enjoy looking.
  12. Have a Nauticam housing for 5D Mk III. PM me for details.
  13. I have not been in the water for over 6 months and have to accept that I no longer spend enough time in the water to have two housings. As I do mostly macro I will keep my crop sensor and sell my full frame housing. So I have a Nauticam NA 5DMKIII housing for sale. I do have the ball for the other handle, it will be atatched before it is posted. Includes one Nikonos Bulkhead. The housing has marks from use, mostly on the bottom from sitting on the ground, however there are a few small marks in other areas. See the photos for details. All the seal are in perfect working order, the camera has never been flooded. The housing has been updated to include the prism for fibre optic strobes and also has the vacuum leak detect electronics installed (though the vacuum valve will be used on my other camera so is not included unless you pay extra for it). All in all a very functional housing that will give years of solid service. New they are $3,700. Reef Photo has a second hand one in similar condition for $3150. I am not expecting anywhere near the $3150 but I include this to provide some indication of value. Don't want to haggle over PayPal and postage fees, so I would like people to make an offer of what they are willing to pay I will cover all fees if your offer is high enough. See photos for details.
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