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  1. I have not been in the water for over 6 months and have to accept that I no longer spend enough time in the water to have two housings. As I do mostly macro I will keep my crop sensor and sell my full frame housing.


    So I have a Nauticam NA 5DMKIII housing for sale.


    I do have the ball for the other handle, it will be atatched before it is posted.


    Includes one Nikonos Bulkhead.


    The housing has marks from use, mostly on the bottom from sitting on the ground, however there are a few small marks in other areas. See the photos for details.


    All the seal are in perfect working order, the camera has never been flooded.


    The housing has been updated to include the prism for fibre optic strobes and also has the vacuum leak detect electronics installed (though the vacuum valve will be used on my other camera so is not included unless you pay extra for it).


    All in all a very functional housing that will give years of solid service.


    New they are $3,700.


    Reef Photo has a second hand one in similar condition for $3150.


    I am not expecting anywhere near the $3150 but I include this to provide some indication of value.


    Don't want to haggle over PayPal and postage fees, so I would like people to make an offer of what they are willing to pay I will cover all fees if your offer is high enough.


    See photos for details.









  2. I had my dive gear stolen on a recent rip and made some emrgency purchases. I purchased 2 x Oceanic Omega 3 regulators (2 for side mount).


    I only used 1 of them so have a brand new still in box Oceanic Omega 3 regulator. This includes the First stage and second stage (with hose).


    This is excellent for photographers as the bubbles go off to the side.



  3. I had some of my dive gear stolen on my last trip. I purchased a new Liquivision Kaon computer. In the end decided to go with air intergration and purchased a different computer.


    I have a brand new Liquivision Kaon. It is still in the box, has not been wet and has not even had the battery installed.



  4. I had some of my gear stolen on my last trip. Made a quick dash to Reefphoto and replaced all I had lost. Purchased a new Nauticam Focus Gear for Canon 16 - 35 II Lens. Never used this as I am only doing Macro or my 8 - 15 Fisheye. Brand new still in box.



  5. I scratched the original red filter on my GoPro Flip 3 filter beyond repair. So I purchased the new Flip 3.1 filter with the MacroMate Mini lens.


    I have used the Macromate mini lens once and have decided that it is not for me, if I'm going to do macro I'm going to use my SLR.


    So I have an original Flip 3 filter with Nightsea Filter (the filter is unused, unscratched and still wrapped in the protective paper.


    I also have the MacroMate Mini lens and the 55mm threaded adapter.


    After $50 for the Flip 3 plus the Nightsea filter.


    After $90 for the MacroMate and Filter.


    For people looking at getting both the MacroMate will only fit the Flip 3 if you buy a top flip.


    Open to reasonable offers.


    Postage free in Australia or US.




  6. I have a Sea and Sea TTL converter III for Canon cameras in excellent condition.


    Does not work with my 5D MkIII in a Nauticam housing.


    Perfect for others seeking TTL strobes for Canon.


    See the Sea and Sea web site for full details.




    Located in Australia will post world wide.


    US$300 includes shipping and Paypal fees world wide.


    AU$300 in Australia includes shipping and paypal fees.


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