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  1. Hello All, I wanted to share with you footage from some pretty nice southern California diving at and around San Clemente island (part of Channel Islands national park) - shot with Gopro Hero HD3 Black, at 2.4k / 'camraw' @ 24fps. I had GoPro hooked for stability to same tripod I sometimes use for my 5dmk2 housing -- which for a small GoPro was maybe a bit excessive! ;-) Post in Premiere CS5.5 with some [heavy duty] color correction applied. I hope you like it! PS. Dove from Vision of Truth Aquatics out of Santa Barbara
  2. Bump. Price drop. Now selling for $1099. URL: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ikelite-Canon-5dmk2-housing-8-dome-port-bundle-/231237437359?
  3. Thanks troporobo! Blacktips are real time (and in a bit of a feeding frenzy I'd think).
  4. Thanks Matt! Very nice footage on your video. I wish we had seen more Manta Rays! To make gopro a bit more stable -- I had it hooked up to the lightweight tripod. It sort of defeats the purpose of small action cam to have a tripod many times the size of it with you, right? ;-) But it certainly stabilizes the footage compared to trying to hold small cam like that steady in your hand. Cheers, Mikko
  5. Hello All, Rainy Sunday made me look into some of my old footage from dive trip to Palau in Jan 2013. It was pretty rainy then in Palau too I recall. Regardless, diving was really nice and mellow. Some of the better parts below. (4:40): All the footage shot with the GoPRO Hero3 HD black (2.4k, downscaled to 720p for vimeo). Edited and (heavily?) color corrected in Premiere CS6. Got that little thing for this trip to experiment with it. While it's obviously not an alternative to real DSLR / video rig, the size (or lack of it thereof) certainly makes up for some of the shortcomings (and happier non uw photog buddy ). I hope you like it!
  6. Selling the entire kit for $1499USD. Only shipping to US. Selling in Ebay, URL: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=231237437359 Includes: - Ikelite housing for Canon 5dmk2 (part n:o 6871.02) - 8-Inch Dome port (part number 5511.1) - Lens Extension 2.75-Inch (part number 5510.11) - Flat Port 2.5-Inch Length (part number 5501) - 3 extra o-rings - o-ring lubricant This is a used Ikelite housing with 8" dome and flat port that I have been using mostly for video production. Selling it to make room for new 4k video gear. It has between 200 to 300 dives on it. It was serviced, and the electronics were replaced by Ikelite sometime in 2012. This is a great kit at great price if you are looking to get started in underwater photography. Just add strobe, or two and you're good to go. The ports support e.g. Canon and Sigma primes from 15mm fisheye to at least 50mm 1.8 lenses. Notes: - Has a tripod attachement in the handle for underwater tripod use. - Housing is missing a knob for focusing / zoom control (cheaply available from Ikelite, or eg. ebay) - 8" dome has a noticeble scratch on it. It will be visible in the pictures under certain lightning conditions (mostly when shooting towards light/surface). - Live view buttons spring has been getting weak and has had trouble releasing the button at depth. Last time this occured on some other button, I eventually had the housing serviced by Ikelite to get this behavior resolved. Has had some great moments underwater with this housing. Below links to some footage shot with it: URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwZ5ou-ADHI (California diving) URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aag3ZroGfWw (Socorro islands) URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKcdJZRwVj8 (Iceland) ... Enjoy, Mikko
  7. This is a great idea! Are we still doing this? Have some footage lined up waiting for upload instructions!!!
  8. Really great pictures here!!! This one is from near Socorro island in May where we ran into school of false killer whales (Pseudorca crassidens). Great trip as a whole, but this encounter really was something special! 2011 was a good year! Already look forward to dives in all the new (and old) places in 2012!!!
  9. Came across this in Youtube. I guess FCPX convinced at least one production team! ;-)
  10. Here's one of my favorites from 2010! USAT Liberty, Bali. 5Dmk2, 24mm prime, Ikelite. Such a good memories from this trip! Enjoy! Happy new years 2011!
  11. I find Magnatune (www.magnatune.com) and Jamendo (www.jamendo.com) pretty nice. Both license their music under Creative Commons (CC) licenses and also allow you to buy commercial licenses for the music they carry. Both allow downloading in MP3. Magnatune also allows you to download music in FLAC (!!), and Jamendo has the songs in WAV. Their web UI is also pretty ok for searching and listening - although Jamendo seems to be a bit slow at times. Cant comment on the prices for buying the songs for various purposes. - Mikko -
  12. Wow! Made it to the WP front page news feed!! Very cool! Very much honored about it!!! :) Thank You! TheRealDrew; here is a to non-color corrected version. You will find that some scenes like garibaldies at around 4:00 were quite overexposed and had to be dimmed down quite a lot in post. Scene at 3:00 still has a color correction enabled that I missed when turning them off. This version also has somewhat worse encoding quality than the "real" version so compare that in mind. All in all I think it wasnt that much that had to be changed/fixed/altered from what was shot to what ended up to edited peace.
  13. SimonSpear, DeanB, TheRealDrew: Thank You! The amazing colors in the beginning/ending shots I think are largely thanks to thick(ish) kelp bed, algae, and most importantly because of overcast weather topside - clear skyes would have made the contrast too strong between top and the bottom. Meant btw ISO1250, not 1600; that makes a big difference with these Canon DSLRs when shooting video. Only green(ish) water parts on the video are shot at 1250, and couple of clips towards the end where I forgot to switch back. TheRealDrew: Just manual WB; no magic or red filters. I have been playing with reds/magics mostly at the tropics, and, arguably so, based on my limited experience I think with them + manual WB you'll achieve a somewhat more pleasing and deeper colors [of blue]. However the 1-2 stops of light that you lose with filters will just kill you noise-wise in the murkier waters we have here (at least if you dont want to shoot wide open at 1/30). There is of course some filtration done in post to the clip; I will render a version with no post adjustments/cc and throw it to youtube over the weekend so you get to see how it looks "from the censor" vs. after post.
  14. Hello All, Haven't seen anyone posting a kelp diving video for a long time. Here is for your enjoyment and critique a short video of diving kelp forests of California Channel islands. I hope this video is able to convey a glimpse of the dreamlike environment that Im nowadays lucky to call my home waters. For me the kelp has become one of those magical thing that keep pulling me back and back to the water - gazing at its never ending dance. Canon 5Dmk2 - all footage shot on (M) at ISO640 or at ISO1250 ISO1600. Manual WB. Ikelite housing, 8" dome, 8001.22 flatport; Sigma 15mm FE, Canon 24mm and 50mm primes. Ambient light only. Tripod - which in addition to allowing shooting steady[er] footage also unexpectedly worked as underwater "steadycam" stabilizing otherwise unstable housing during [some] free floating parts). Post production in Premiere CS5; "usual" tweaks to brightness and contrast. Dove from Vision of Truth aquatics. Sept 2010. Five day charter. Glen captained. Footage from around San Clemente and Catalina Channel islands. Hope You like it!
  15. Hello all, Didnt see this mentioned so here we go... I use white dive glove(s) to white balance against. For tropics it was easy to find white(ish) dive gloves. For cold water white latex glove over dry/wet dive glove did the trick. Works well for me, and means less equipment to carry along. Tried finns painted white before this - worked fine as well, but after a half a year the white primer I used was pretty much dissolved.
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