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  1. Here is what I gathered from the web: D2x viewfinder: 19.9mm eyepoint, coverage 100%, magnification 0.86x. D4 viewfinder: 18mm eyepoint, coverage 100%, magnification 0.70x. D810 viewfinder: 17mm eyepoint, coverage 100%, magnification 0.70x. D610 viewfinder: 21mm eyepoint, coverage 100%, magnification 0.70x. D300s viewfinder: 19.5mm eyepoint, coverage 100%, magnification 0.94x. D500 viewfinder: 16mm eyepoint, coverage 100%, magnification 1.00x. The lower the eyepoint, the closer you have to put your eye to the viewfinder to see it fully. The way I see it, the D500 viewfinder will be very similar to the D300s (note that FX cameras have lower magnification, hence the 0.7x, vs close to 1.0 in DX): you will need to look 3mm closer than what you would in a D300s to get a 100% view, but you will get higher magnification, which is good (and is higher than the D2x too). As far as actual viewfinder size, a good photoshopper could probably make a side-by-side or overlay of the D500 with other cameras for us to compare. Any takers?
  2. Have you guys seen any samples yet?
  3. Some more detail (and many shots) of it here: http://www.dpreview.com/news/8529664044/here-at-last-nikon-announces-d500 Pretty sure it will require brand new housings, but it looks like a grat choice for underwater use.
  4. Here is an interesting new DX Nikon, the D500, looks like it will be a good one for underwater. http://nikonrumors.com/2016/01/05/nikon-d500-dslr-camera-officially-announced.aspx/ In a nutshell: same AF, metering and image processing as D5, smaller DX body.
  5. Hi all, does anybody know if Nauticam is coming up with other versions of their deep (150m) rated housing? So far they only have it for the Canon 5D MkIII, any plans for a Nikon? Cheers!
  6. Oh, looks like a new species that I am after... Good to know that it comes out at night!
  7. I am not sure where you got that from, but the D800e is still listed in the Nikon USA site here: http://www.nikonusa.com/en/Nikon-Products/Digital-SLR-Cameras/index.page And it is in stock both at B&H and Adorama. Adorama has it both as body only or as a kit, and B&H has only the kit version.
  8. Nice shots, and what fantastic scenary!
  9. I don't want to replace the 16-35mm (which I don't have), I just want a cheaper ang lighter alternative, and this lens is half the price and half the weight.
  10. The reviews on it for topside are looking great, so I hope it performs well underwater too...
  11. I bought one and will be trying it with my D800 and aquatica housing next month. Will report back when I do...
  12. Here we are, 2 years later and Nikon Rumors is saying the same thing again: Digital Nikonos rumor 2013
  13. What zoom gear and extension ring do you use? I tried to get them from Aquatica but the lens is not in their lineup...
  14. Has anybody tried this lens underwater? I was set on getting the 16-35 f4, but the reviews that this lens is receiving are amazing...
  15. Do you guys have any updates on these lenses? I am looking into buying a wide angle zoom for the D800 and can't decide.
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