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  1. It is a little different in the Philippines. Permits are not required for the most part, except when you are shooting inside marine reserves. In this case, permit fees go directly into conservation action and it is a great thing. In other words, if there is permit money from photographers and divers coming in, the fishermen will not go out fishing and the dive sites will only get better. Win win!

  2. Hi everyone, quick (and urgent) question, I am packing for a trip tomorrow and just realized I lost my D2x charger. Spent the entire day looking, just gave up now. My house is a complete mess as I just moved a couple of days ago, so that explains why I can't find it.


    Anyhow, luckly I will be spending the day in London this Sunday because of a crazy long flight layover. So, can anybody tell me where to buy, preferrably a used D2x charger? I will be in Heathrow airport but can take the subway to town.



  3. Something that I've been looking for in the "packing" category is how to keep dirt, dust & junk out of the inside surface of my dome port while it is broken down into pieces for transit, since it is a bit of a nuisance to clean the interior surface & Murphy prioritizes things that are hassles.


    Ideally, there would be a low profile screw-in plug that would fill the hole. But barring that, does anyone have any suggestions specific for an 8" Ikelite dome?





    I am cheap, I just keep mine inside a ziplock bag... :)

  4. A friend of mine, did not realize that the second pic of the plane above is a crop of the first -just for those who did not realize that.


    That crop is amazing, you can almost see what is written in the pilot's hat. I am getting more excited about this camera by the minute. Now hopefully housings come up soon. I am traveling in a couple of weeks after a long time without taking photos underwater, but still with my good old D2x.

  5. This one has nice specs and the potential to be a great UW camera.


    Here is the link to the official Nikon page. And some the main specs, in a nutshell:


    - 36.3 megapixels CMOS full frame sensor (7360 x 4912 images!).

    - 51-point AF system with 15 cross-type sensors, rated to -2EV (same AF system as the D4).

    - ISO 100-6400 extendable to ISO 50-25,600 equiv.

    - 1080p video at 30, 25 or 24 frames per second, up to 24Mbps.

    - 3.2", 921,000 dot LCD with anti-fog layer.

    - 100% viewfinder coverage.

    - Street price US$2995.00


    The D800E has identical specs, except it is $300 more expensive and comes with no AA filter (sharper images with more detail, but also more artifacts).



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