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  1. Wow, fantastic images, keep them coming!
  2. Goby for sure. Location would help ID.
  3. NikonRumors has just posted what they are claiming to be samples of photos taken with the rumored D800. The also mention TIFF files from the D800 are 103mb!!
  4. Did you guys see the latest from Nikon Rumors? Now they are certain there will be a D4 as well, likely to be introduced together with the D800. Possible (interesting) specs: - 16.2 MP - 11 fps - 100-102,400 native ISO range, expandable to 50 and 204,800 - Face detection/recognition - Improved video - Improved 51 AF points - AF detection range will go down to EV-2.0 (the D3s went to EV -1) - Autofocus system: 9 cross-type sensors that are operational up to f/8
  5. Hmmm... Rumors seem to be picking up steam, the guys at NikonRumors swear they have the inside scoop. But I too wished it was 18mp instead of 36 (which I think it's a bit overkill). I also hope it comes out cheaper than $3k, but that's wishful thinking I guess.
  6. I usually don't swap lenses or open the housing between dives either, just too much that can go wrong...
  7. Have a good one everybody! I know I will spend mine in an airplane (writing from EWR in between flights now ) Cheers!
  8. I think the post above clearly exemplifies why this problem happened in the first place. LAUPS allows for "some" manipulation but not "lots" of manipulation, so that is open for interpretation. I think you would eliminate more than half of your reported cases of "cheating" if you simply set the rules to NO MANIPULATION AT ALL. In other words, I don't think this has anything to do with a $2500 prize, and everything to do with how people interpret rules. And as stated above, instead of asking for RAW images for every file, it would be a lot easier to simply make the rules of zero manipulation and state that RAW files will be required from all finalists.
  9. Not to mention you will find very, very cheap used ones...
  10. John McCosker's office is next door to mine, we just looked at the photos again and think it is an Echiophis, and very likely Echiophis punctifer, but we can't be sure without looking at a photo showing more of the fish (or ideally examine the specimen). But either way it is an interesting new record to the Canaries as those species usually don't occur in waters that cold.
  11. Alright Matt, I got confirmation that it is Crystallichthys cyclospilus. It is a significant geographic and depth range expansion though, not to mention the first photo of a live specimen, really cool.
  12. Yeah, the spots are odd for that species, but some people say that as they grow the spots fade and the tail gets darker. So definitely not sure on the ID. I will forward the image to some specialists, but I am sure that whatever it is, it will be something interesting as most species in this family don't come that shallow.
  13. I will circulate the photo among some colleagues Matt, will let you know. Edit, upon further examination I am thinking this might be a juvenile Blacktail Snailfish, check the site below: http://hmsc.oregonstate.edu/projects/msap/...lsnailfish.html If that's the case this is the first time it is recorded in shallow waters. What depth was it photographed?
  14. The fish is probably a Yellow Jack (Carangoides bartholomaei), they always follow rays like that and hunt together with them. When a ray digs burrows in the substrate a lot of small invertebrates and fish "jump" out and the jacks take advantage of that. And I agree with Southern Stingray for the ID of the ray.
  15. I just heard Apple is "rethinking" the future of the Mac Pro desktop line. That is one big bummer for me, I haven't had a Windows desktop in ages and was waiting for an update of the Mac Pro line to get my next desktop.
  16. The fish is a juvenile Blue Head Wrasse (Thalassoma bifasciatum). I am pretty sure the sponge is spawning, but no idea what species it is.
  17. Bermuda Chub (Kyphosus sectatrix).
  18. You are absolutely correct! I haven't been in the Caribbean so long, starting to forget some species...
  19. I am 100% sure about the first 2 (Malacoctenus triangulatus and Malacoctenus boehlkei). The third is probably Chaenopsis limbaughi (Yellowface pikeblenny) but I can't be sure without seeing the whole fish. The last is Opistognathus macrognathus (Banded Jawfish).
  20. #1 Emblemariopsis sp. (can't ID these guys to species without careful morphological examination) #2 Malacoctenus boehlkei (Diamond Blenny) #3 Malacoctenus triangulatus (Saddled Blenny) #4 Enneanectes boehlkei (Roughhead Triplefin) #5 Emblemaria pandionis (Sailfin Blenny)
  21. It doesn't matter if there was food in the water or not, the shark is not to blame. Every diver takes a risk when diving, in this case the diver knew there were Great Whites on those waters. It is absolutely normal for a Great White to attack a diver, their natural prey is marine mammals, we are close enough, and actually I am surprised there aren't many more attacks. Culling is just wrong. The only instance where a shark attack would be considered "abnormal" is if the shark jumped out of the water to grab people on the beach.
  22. Sweet specs indeed, if it was smaller I would seriously think a switch to Canon...
  23. Hey Drew, are the Canon rumors of a new 1D or 5D series camera? Both seem to be in need of an upgrade...
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