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  1. Hey all, I am getting a new Mac Pro, but I just noticed that Apple doesn't sell 23'' monitors any more, only the huge 27''. I really like the setup I have now with my old Mac Pro, two 23'' cinema displays, so I thought I would try to continue on something like that. So, what do you guys suggest as good 23'' monitors for a new Mac Pro? Transferring my old 23's is not an option.

  2. Hey all, still here in Saudi Arabia, took some nice shots the last few days, so here are some. Sorry, most of them are the book style fish ID shots, but that's what I do :) Maybe next time I come here I will try to be more artsy!











  3. Hi all, my flight out of Houston is delayed for just enough to make me miss my connection to Jeddah tomorrow. So it looks like I will spend the day in Frankfurt, what's good to do there?


    Also, I am taking Jeddah tips too, this was a last minute trip and I have no experience there, any tips are welcome!





  4. Quite frankly, after diving a lot with rebreathers, I think that our bubbles stress the fish much more than strobes do (with the exception of pygmy seahorses of course, that can be photographed by hundreds of divers per day and have nowhere else to go), so if some dive operator feels the need to ban strobe photography for the sake of keeping stress levels low, he is shooting himself in the foot as diving itself is much more stressful to the fish than photography.


    P.S.: I say that based on pure personal observation and my conclusions have no scientific basis.

  5. They look like Denises to me. We usually see them in the fans like the one in my avatar. However, they do adapt to other habitat soft corals if they have to, IME.


    That was my impression too, but I sent them out to the experts anyways, will let you know.

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