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  1. I find this very hard to believe, Nikon takes about 4 years to replace their flagship pro cameras, and the D3x was announced in December of 2008, exactly 2 years ago, so unless Nikon completely changed it's product cycling philosophy, the D3x should be about half way into it's lifetime. I think the D700 replacement will come before a possible D4. Here some Nikon release dates:


    D3x: Dec/2008

    D700: Jul/2008

    D3: Aug/2007

    D2x: Sep/2004

    D2h: Dec/2003

    D1x: Fed/2001

    D1: Feb/1999

  2. Some shots from my trip to Fiji last week. Unfortunately it rained the entire time I was there, visibility was really bad and the boat ride not comfortable, so not many keepers. Even with all that I thought I would share some. First a few taking during a shark feeding dive:










    Comments always appreciated!

  3. Auto focus is really impressing me (in normal shooting mode). But it is not great in live view for video. Especially if you use a slow lens like the 10-17mm fitted with a filter.


    But in all other ways the camera is proving first class.




    That sounds great Alex, I am not interested in video, at all :D

  4. I want a set that lasts more then 5 years :-)





    In a digital SLR? If you find one, do let us all know...




    Finding a dSLR that lasts 5+ years is really not that hard. Image quality is absolutely amazing in all mid to pro range dSLRs these days, and it's not an issue anymore. For example, I've had my D2x for more than 5 years now, and I am still perfectly happy with image quality. I am itching to upgrade now, not because I want better image quality, but because I want a smaller package to travel around with as the D2x in a housing is a monster...

  5. Keep us updated Alex, I am very much looking forward for this review. On the same boat as others here, seriously considering replacing my D2x with this puppy. The AF performance is of specific concern to me, so could you please tell us in the review how it compares to the D2x (and other pro bodies)? Cheers!

  6. I think there are only two possible reasons to wait for anything;

    Do you want to go full frame? Owning both, the only reason I am staying with full frame at the moment is my eyes prefer the larger viewfinder; in every other way, at least for underwater photography, I think this camera is as good or even better than my D700. And of course it's smaller, with a smaller housing than the D800 will be.

    And the second question is do you think you want expanded video specs that are likely to be in a D800, or whatever model replaces the D300s?

    A little birdie tells me there will be housings within the next couple of months.


    Video is not a consideration for me, nice to have it but not a deal breaker. Neither is full frame. I do want a camera with AF at least as good as the D2x though, how does the D7000 compare to the D2x in focus speed and accuracy? Also, how is it's viewfinder (again compared to the D2x)?

  7. Hey all,


    I am going to Fiji next week and will have a few days for diving. I will be staying in Nadi, close to the international airport. I won't stay too long, so flying to outer islands is not an option. I looked into Beqa Lagoon, but it is kind of far from Nadi, and expensive to get there. So, are there any good dive sites on the Nadi area? I could go to Beqa for a couple of days if it's the only option, but would rather stay close. Thanks for any advice!

  8. Quite frankly, to me the diving at Margarita is way better than at Los Roques. At Los Roques all you see is the typical Caribbean fauna, exactly the same as if you were diving say at Bonaire. Margarita, with it's upwelling and much cooler waters has a much more unique and different fauna. Try a place called Los Frailles, very nice diving with animals that you don't see anywhere else in the Caribbean. As far as development goes, Los Roques is exactly the same as it was 10 years ago, and I think this is a good thing :)

  9. I worked as a dive master about 12 years ago and had the chance to try many different brands. I settled with Scubapro. Back then, because of my traveling, I bought a scubapro Mk25UL (unltralight aluminum one)/S600. They performed beautifully for about two years when my Mk25UL started to corrode! :drink: . Scubapro switched it with a Mk25Ti for no charge and that's what I use to this date. Never used anything better.

  10. They differ at the sub-class level, pretty high. The formal names for the groups are Octocorallia and Hexacorallia. The Octocorallia are characterized by an 8-way symmetry in polyp structure and include gorgonians (or sea fans), sea pens, sea whips and soft corals. The Hexacorallia have a 6-way symmetry and include groups like stony corals, anemones, zoanthids and cerianthus.

  11. Very nice indeed, and at $1,199.95 it looks like this will be the one that replaces my D2x :D I was really looking for a smaller package, and this seems to fit the bill. Now, I am especially interested in the new AF systems and the following:


    EXPEED 2 image processing engine

    Sometimes you want to capture the subtle tones of a sunset. Other times you want to freeze the action. The D7000 delivers both, thanks to the newest generation of image processing engine, EXPEED 2, which performs multiple tasks with more speed and power. Expect smoother tonal gradations, even in difficult shadows and highlights, for a greater sense of depth in your images.


    This should bring some changes to how sunball shots look... Changes for the better I hope.

  12. I agree with Bryce, to me your fish looks like Gobiomorus dormitor, commonly known as the giant goby. It grows to about 2 feet and can weigh up to 4 pounds. Although not technically a goby (this guy is in the family Eleotridae and not Gobiidae, but both families are in the suborder Gobioidei), it is a close relative to gobies, hence the common name.

  13. I also am on the team that thinks there is no problem. And I can attest to that from experience, I've had (and carried in more that 100 trips by land air and sea) the following housings: 2x Ikelite (for Nikon D90 and F100), Sea&Sea (for Nikon F100) and Subal (for Nikon D2X). I've used each of these cameras for more than 5 years and I have always carried them (as others did too) inside the housing. I always put my camera (inside its housing) in the CARRY-ON bag, which I know won't be dropped.


    But let's use some logic here, this is an aluminum housing with the camera snugly fit inside, if you drop your carry-on bag with enough force to damage the housing and the camera inside of it, wouldn't it be safe to assume that the same impact would break the camera even if it was outside the housing? And that probably together with all your lenses too?

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