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  1. Something very similar happened with my Subal ND2 about three years ago, but I had to stop using mine since some of the corrosion showed up on the o-ring seal area. I sent the housing back to Subal via Reef Photo and they fixed with no charges. They seemed puzzled about it and assured me they never saw it in any other of their housings.


    Anyhow, after they fixed it I used my housing extensively and there are no signs of corrosion any more...

  2. They didn't care much about carry on in the big airplane for the international flight, but if you are taking internal flights in the Philippines be prepared to use a lot of sweet talk to get your carry on into the plane. At first they told me the max carry-on weight was 5kg in domestic flights, but after talking to the supervisor I was able to board with my carry-on that weighs close to 12kg and contains my housing and camera...

  3. Hey there, the Inon uses a Sea&Sea type connector, so you will need a Sea&Sea 5-pin Strobe Sync Cord/N to connect your strobe to the housing, but I would double check before ordering. As far as the extension goes, I am not sure as I am not very familiar with the Canon system...

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